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Nintendo Surprise Launched These Three Anticipated Titles Today

Do you love Nintendo? Do you love indie games? If you answered "yes" to both (or even one of) these questions, then you're in for a treat. There are three hot indie titles available for purchase today.

During the August 2021 Indie World Showcase, the announcer directed viewers to "several games we featured previously in Indie World that you can play today." Three of the most notable titles in that announcement are "Garden Story," "Boyfriend Dungeon," and "Axiom Verge 2."

"Garden Story" challenges players to "rise to grapeness" as they embark on an island adventure filled with puzzles and quests to revitalize the hero's fallen homeland. The game lands on the Nintendo Switch as a timed exclusive.

"Boyfriend Dungeon" was perhaps one of the most bizarre games that was supposed to come out in 2020, though it's finally available today. Taking the dating sim genre and throwing it into the realm of dungeon crawlers, the hero battles evil creatures to grow closer to their weapon ... which can transform into a GQ model.

Of the trio, perhaps the most thrilling announcement is "Axiom Verge 2," the hyped sequel to the Metroidvania hit that didn't have a specific release date beyond a hopeful prediction of "the first half of 2021." Fans are likely thrilled that they won't have to wait any longer.

The Indie World Showcase was a hit

Overall, Nintendo enthusiasts were quite pleased. One person in the comments of the video wrote, "THAT WAS SO GOOD! So many things i've been wanting and so much coming today!" Another YouTube user stated, "Literally playing Axiom Verge right now. Now I'm excited to play the sequel." Not everyone is satisfied with the titles that showed up at the Indie World Showcase, however.

Some gamers are disappointed over the absence of games like "Spelunky 1 and 2" and even "Hollow Knight: Silksong," though they appear to be in the minority. Despite a few dissenters, most commenters were enthusiastic and supportive of the developers behind the presented selection.

Aside from "Garden Story," "Boyfriend Dungeon," and "Axiom Verge 2," the Indie World Showcase featured tons of other titles that have fans excited. Many users eagerly talked up "Slime Rancher," which releases today as well. Gamers were also thrilled that Shovel Knight is making his triumphant return in "Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon." These are just a couple examples of the wealth of exciting indie games on their way to the Switch.

Ultimately, the biggest concern following the showcase was how it will affect Nintendo fans' wallets, which some users jokingly bemoaned.