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MrBeast Is Planning A Full On Squid Game

Korean-language Netflix series "Squid Game" has launched a global phenomenon, becoming the most-watched Netflix show in numerous countries and positioning itself to make TV award show history. The series has been inescapable on social media, and MrBeast has decided to get in on the action with a viral video that could lead to a full on "Squid Game."

MrBeast has been largely silent regarding "Squid Game" up until recently, when until he put up a TikTok promising to recreate the show in real life if his post reached 10 million likes. Barely a day later, that TikTok has earned well over that number, which means that MrBeast will most likely go about finding a way to recreate the hyper-violent survival competition on social media.

Details beyond that are thin, but considering that one of MrBeast's signature activities on his YouTube channel is posting challenges and stunts that either cost a lot to pull off or pay out huge sums of cash, he is in an exciting position to attempt to recreate "Squid Game."

While the core consequences of the show, which involves the death of well over 400 contestants, are obviously not reproducible, many of the games are based on real children's activities, and MrBeast certainly has a large audience to try and enlist to help him recreate the show. Here is how MrBeast could go about recreating "Squid Game."

Squid Game fans have explored many possibilities of recreating the show's notable moments

If MrBeast goes through with his "Squid Game" challenge, he will be far from the first person to have recreated the shocking competition.

Only days after the show premiered, videos began popping up on TikTok of fans reliving some of the show's iconic moments, and costumes inspired by the show are expected to be a popular item this Halloween, according to CBS News. Fans have even found video games that parallel the "Squid Game" experience, translating the show's brutal exhibitions to the virtual world.

So what might MrBeast have in mind to set his recreation apart in what is quickly becoming a saturated market? Well, one of the significant aspects of the "Squid Game" competition in the show is the amount of money on the line, which equals roughly around 40 million in US dollars. While MrBeast has been referred to as YouTube's biggest philanthropist, via Business Insider, he may not intend to hand out quite that much. Still, given his history, a large prize is most likely in the cards.

Even though it would be tough for MrBeast to match the exact stakes of "Squid Game," the individual games of the competition are simple enough to play. After all, each one is based on a real children's game, including marbles, tug of war, and Red Light, Green Light. MrBeast could simply play these games with his regular crew and upload the results to YouTube — but fans might be expecting a bit more than that.