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Imp Of The Sun - What We Know So Far

If you were a fan of the Metroidvania "Hollow Knight," the challenging modern platformer "Celeste," or other challenging and colorful indie games, you might want to make sure that "Imp of the Sun" is on your radar. Sunwolf's upcoming title has already captivated gamers with early looks at its unique design and concept.

Steam describes the game as a "nonlinear 2D action-platformer" with a story inspired by ancient Peruvian civilizations, and the developers have shared some of the history that has been woven into the game, including enemy designs based upon age-old stone carvings from Peruvian temples.

And just like any Metroidvania worth conquering, the game is also meant to be replayed. According to the official Twitter account for the game, the title offers plenty of incentives for speed-runners as well. "Imp of the Sun" is still a little ways off, but the developers have shared some tidbits that should have fans of stylized action and adventure very excited.

When is the release date for Imp of the Sun?

The game's original release date was June 20, 2021, but it was delayed to early 2022. According to the game's Discord channel, "Imp of the Sun" found a new publisher in late August, which could account for the slight delay and subsequent new release window.

There's no official date for the game just yet, but unless there's another delay, it sounds like gamers can expect to see it within the first few months of 2022. While you wait for the game to release, you can listen to the game's soundtrack online to get a feel for its playful tone. The official Twitter account is another great way to learn new information about the game, and the devs have even shared a few fun puzzles to prepare players for the types of challenges they'll face. Sunwolf has clearly put a lot of effort into making sure that the wait for "Imp of the Sun" is still an entertaining one.

Is there a trailer for Imp of the Sun?

The announcement trailer that was shown off at Gamescom 2021 gave potential players plenty to be excited about. Between the bright and colorful world and interesting combat mechanics, the trailer for "Imp of the Sun" is a lot of fun.

The trailer starts off by setting up the basic premise of the game. The world has been plunged into an "eternal eclipse" after the Sun's power was stolen. The player character, Nin the Imp, was created by the Sun as an agent on earth. Nin's mission is to gather enough power reignite the sun. According to the game's Steam description, the ultimate goal of the game is to "bring back the light and restore balance to the Empire."

The official website for "Imp of the Sun" expanded on this mission, saying that players will need to defeat five different bosses before completing the game. It also ominously referred to these bosses as "punishing."

What is the gameplay like in Imp of the Sun?

"Imp of the Sun" is a platforming action game, complete with intense melee combat. The game also features side quests that give players access to more story content and open up the world and its mythology.

Fire will be pretty important in the game. The game's website mentions that Nin will "use fire to light [the] path ... through a darkened kingdom," and it looks like Nin will have plenty of opportunities to actually fight with fire in the game.

Nin's fighting techniques can be upgraded, which include both air and ground attacks. Over the course of the game, Nin will be able to unlock new powers, a mechanic that should sound familiar to Metroidvania players. Additionally, it looks like Nin will be able to use a double-jump to maneuver around deadly obstacles in his quest to save the Sun. A number of different environments are seen in the trailer, from dusty old catacombs to what appears to be an underground river.