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Slitterhead: Release Date, Trailer And Creator - What We Know So Far

It's hard to define what exactly makes a good horror game scary. Is it creepy monsters? Eerie sound design? Or could it be something deeper? New titles in the genre come out every year, which is why it's so rare for one to feel truly unique anymore. That isn't to say that there weren't a lot of great horror games in 2021, but the Game Awards showed viewers that the best is still yet to come. Now, it seems fans of survival horror are in for a new spine-tingling treat. One of the more unnerving titles showcased was from a new independent Japanese developer called Bokeh Game Studio. The company was established in 2020 and it already has viewers shivering in anticipation.

The studio's first game is going to be called "Slitterhead." It appears to be a horror title featuring some grotesque, insectoid monsters, and a dark atmosphere which is contrasted by a healthy dose of gory action. Here's everything we know about it so far.

Is there a release date for Slitterhead?

It's easy for fans to get excited when they hear that there might be a new horror game of this caliber on the horizon, but it may be a while before they know when they might be able to get their hands on it. The game doesn't have a Steam page as of yet, and neither the game's initial announcement nor the studio's website have any information about when it will be released. There hasn't been any solid news regarding what platforms the game will be available on, either.

In fact, creative director Keiichi Toyama stated in an interview with IGN that the platforms the game will be available on are still undecided, but that Bokeh Game Studio is seeking to "reach as many players as possible while maintaining the essence of the game." This likely means that the game will be available on the PC, PS5, and Xbox Series S/X. Whether or not it will be on other consoles — like the Nintendo Switch — is less certain and will likely depend on whether or not the hardware is capable of adequately rendering the game. Given that "Slitterhead" is in such an early stage of development, it seems unlikely that it will see stores in 2022.

Is there a trailer for Slitterhead?

If gamers want to take a peek at "Slitterhead," then the first thing they should check out is the teaser trailer that Bokeh Game Studio showcased at the 2021 Game Awards. It opens on a man in a suit walking down a dark and debris-filled alleyway. A woman in a dress then steps out of an alcove behind the man. She smiles at him briefly before her face splits open, revealing a cavernous maw of pointed teeth. Her neck elongates and she transforms into an arachnid-like skeletal monstrosity.

After that, the screen goes black, an energetic guitar riff picks up and the tone of the video seems to shift from familiar, slow, anxiety-building horror to a fast-paced fever-dream. A glowing burst of energy flies into a man who seems to absorb it into his body, someone in motorcycle gear appears to telekinetically conjure blood and shape it into a solid club in their hand before using it to attack one of the monsters. Finally, the video closes on a slow zooming close up of several rundown apartment complexes before landing on a vibrant, almost flower-like creature that folds itself shut revealing the face of a different woman.

It doesn't reveal much information about what players can expect from the game itself, but it certainly sets a tone.

Who are the creators of Slitterhead?

The trailer for "Slitterhead" might have grabbed a lot of fans' attention, but others are more interested in the man responsible for the project. Creative Director Keiichi Toyama isn't just the founder of Bokeh Game Studio; He's also known as the legendary creator behind "Silent Hill," which is widely considered one of the greatest horror franchises of all time. The series definitely had its ups and downs, but the combination of creepy monster designs and psychological thrills arguably helped to define the genre for generations. Many fans hoped to see a reboot of the franchise similar to the "Resident Evil" remakes, but Konami has smashed those dreams by denying that any such plans are in the works. Still, Toyama's return to the genre that defined his career might help Bokeh Game Studio to fill the void that Konami left. Gamers shouldn't expect to see the same old tricks from Toyama's "Silent Hill" days, however. He stated in his interview with IGN that while "Slitterhead" will be an action-oriented adventure title, "the game will include many new mechanics that have not been seen so far in other games."

Toyama isn't alone in his vision either. Bokeh Game Studio announced on its Twitter account that it will be joined by "Siren" Concept Artist Miki Takahashi as well as "Silent Hill" Composer Akira Yamaoka. This small powerhouse of a development team seems perfectly poised to give fans a gaming experience unlike any other.