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Logan Paul Gets Honest About His Addiction

Sometimes, Logan Paul seems to enjoy making viewers mad. His rare Game Boy side table project made collectors furious and some of his shadier behavior is unparalleled in the internet world. That being said, he's still a person with his own struggles, no matter what face he presents to the public. Paul recently opened up about his struggles with addiction, commenting that he's had a hard time after deciding to quit indulging in marijuana.

"Logan stopped doing drugs, guys!" one of Paul's cohosts, Mike, announced at the beginning of a recent episode of ImPaulsive, Paul's podcast. He noted that Paul had been angrier than usual after deciding to stop smoking marijuana, and Paul readily agreed.

"Weed is a very powerful drug. I don't care who the f*** says it's not a drug, it's a f***ing drug, okay?" Paul said aggressively. "That's how we're starting the episode, fine." Paul explained that he decided to stop smoking on Christmas Eve 2021 "for some reason." His team applauded his decision, clearly pleased with his choice to stop smoking marijuana entirely.

Paul described his struggle as a "back and forth with marijuana," noting that in the past he'd rarely — if ever — partaken in the drug. Yet, he said that over six months or so he "fully dedicated" himself to getting high all the time. Though he admitted it wasn't an entirely bad experience, he said that he knew there would come a time when he had to stop.

Paul quit cold turkey

Paul said that he realized he had a problem when he was high more than when he was sober. "It was a little problematic. I was waking up groggy, I was going to sleep high, and on December 24, I felt it in my heart," he said. "Today's the day, I'm done." The YouTuber explained that he knew he had a problem when he realized he needed the drug. When he woke up on Christmas Eve, he didn't know he'd quit, but he quickly made the decision to quit cold turkey. 

Though Paul seemed proud of his decision to stop suddenly, mental resolve says nothing about the physical symptoms Paul had to endure. "I was — am still — extremely irritable, I could not sleep, and I developed a gag reflex, no appetite," Paul said. Needless to say, for a while he wasn't the most fun person to be around — right in time to hang out with his entire family. 

Paul says his withdrawals were aggressive

Admittedly, Paul's mother wasn't thrilled about his choice of timing, and asked the YouTuber why he chose a family-oriented holiday to experience what felt like withdrawals. No one could blame her, it seemed. Paul described his withdrawal symptoms as "aggressive," and his cohosts agreed. They noted that Paul had been trying to fight people during the day of filming, lending support to his claims.

The symptoms Paul and his team described seemed extreme, leading Paul to wonder what would happen if he had a different sort of addiction. "I swear to God," Paul said, putting his hand to his chest. "If I had an addiction ... as serious as heroin, I would not make it out." Paul noted that he'd known others, like his cohost Mike, who had battled serious narcotic addictions that were much more dire than his reliance on marijuana. Ultimately, Paul seemed at peace with his decision to stop smoking, and seemed optimistic about his plans for the future.

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