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30 Best Multiplayer PS4 Games Of All Time Ranked

While many of PlayStation's biggest games are single-player titles featuring elaborate campaigns and solid third-person gameplay — like "The Last of Us Part 2" and "God of War" — it should come as no surprise that the PS4 still has an extensive catalogue of multiplayer games; both online and local. The majority of these co-op experiences are third-party games that can be found on other consoles and PC.

PlayStation's foray into the multiplayer space has come in various forms, like adding co-op modes to existing games. However, the company has also released a number of games specifically geared towards getting multiple gamers together, like the PS5's "Destruction All Stars." Fighting games, sports games, and competitive shooters are all represented under the banner of one of gaming's best selling systems. Although the PS5 is the newest and hottest Sony console, not everyone can get their hands on one. That's why it's a good time to take a look at the very best multiplayer titles available for the PlayStation 4.

30. Sackboy: A Big Adventure

Taking some notes from the likes of "Super Mario 3D World," "Sackboy: A Big Adventure" is a 3D platformer that prides itself on multiplayer gameplay. It's a different take for the Sony mascot since Sackboy is most associated with the "Little Big Planet" franchise.

The game has a stunning and vibrant world with a visual style inspired by arts and crafts. It's reminiscent of beloved platformers like "Puppeteer," "Tearaway," and "Kirby's Epic Yarn." You and your friends will travel through these gorgeous environments while unlocking new customization options for your characters.

Gameplay-wise, it's truly meant for co-op, and its huge open areas are great for multiple characters to run around in. But while co-op is where "A Big Adventure" excels (per TechRadar), level design can be a bit uneven at times; it's occasionally difficult to ascertain whether a section was designed around one, two, or even four players. 

  • Release Date: November 12, 2020
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Game Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer (Up to 4)
  • Metacritic: 83

29. MLB The Show 21

2K and EA have always dominated the sports genre, but San Diego Studios has maintained consistency when it comes to "MLB The Show." Realistic graphics and a large helping of control options elevate this licensed baseball series. "MLB The Show 21" has the strength of its predecessors, but also escalates competitive play through its popular Diamond Dynasty mode.

Diamond Dynasty is all about putting together your own team and pitting it against others. Ranked modes and daily events offer rewards that benefit your team greatly. It can be quite a grind at times, but flaunting your decked-out lineup and stats is rewarding. Expanding on the mode is its "fairly complex" stadium creation tool (via Game Informer).

Online isn't your only avenue, however, as Local Exhibition games are still a lot of fun. With the game's expansive accessibility options, it's easy for anyone to pickup and play.

  • Release Date: April 16, 2021
  • Genre: Sports, Simulation
  • Game Modes: Single-player, Multiplayer (Up to 8)
  • Metacritic: 79

28. Among Us

Finally making its way to the PlayStation 4 at the end of 2021 is "Among Us," an excellent online game for family and friends. There isn't much else to talk about as it's the same traditional "Among Us" game but now on a Sony console. What can addressed though, is how the port compares to its PC counterpart.

Fortunately the key requirements of a console port make the cut. These include full cross-play functionality, and a low price point. Quality of life and consumer friendly practices are perfect and break down any barriers to entry. Be aware, however, that the PS4 version does come with its limitations.

A main drawback to the port is the control scheme. Smooth mouse and keyboard use is swapped for the PS4 and PS5 controllers. In their review, Push Square even claims that the game has "clearly been designed around either touchscreens or mouse-and-keyboards."

  • Release Date: December 14, 2021
  • Genre: Social Deduction, Party
  • Game Modes: Multiplayer (Up to 15)

27. Gran Turismo Sport

"Gran Turismo Sport" initially received harsh backlash from fans because of its focus on online multiplayer. The "Gran Turismo" series has some of the most intricate offline single-player modes in the racing genre, so this title's direction was jarring for many. Luckily, the game is still a blast.

A required tutorial is waiting for newcomers that places an emphasis on sportsmanship, with rules and gameplay broken down so that the hardcore competitive multiplayer does not suffer. The timed challenges and events that occur daily also make it worthwhile to stay invested.

Some gripes can be made about the heavier focus on competition, and outlets like Easy Allies have criticized the lack of casual online modes and lobbies. That criticism aside, "Gran Turismo Sport" is a nice experiment and a return to form that sets the stage for "Gran Turismo 7."

  • Release Date: October 17, 2017
  • Genre: Racing, Simulation
  • Game Modes: Online and Local Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 75

26. Fall Guys

"Fall Guys" manages to capture the excitement of a free-for-all competition resembling a game show. At launch, "Fall Guys" was immensely popular for of the way it made players work for their battle royale victory, not to mention its wide variety of games and unlockable skins.

There is a bittersweet feeling to not knowing what the challenge will be. A sure-fire victory can be thwarted by a mini-game you're not familiar with, but PC Gamer has argued that "randomness works for Fall Guys." Players will find themselves frantically switching between avoiding their competitors or working together to overcome bizarre obstacles. It's a rollercoaster of a game and "Fall Guys" never lets up.

"Fall Guys" is very much its own thing, featuring elements that can't really be found anywhere else. Sure, being dealt a bad hand of mini-games during a legendary run is heartbreaking, but that's part of the unexpected fun.

  • Release Date: August 4, 2020
  • Genre: Battle Royale
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 60)
  • Metacritic: 81

25. Red Dead Online

"Red Dead Redemption 2" is by far one of Rockstar Games' best works. And while the online components don't quite live up to the engrossing and action-packed campaign, countless hours can be poured into "Red Dead Online," which allows you to create your own cowboy adventures.

One of the biggest highlights of "Red Dead Online" is the PvE bounty hunter role, which is notably also the most fleshed-out character types in the game. As noted by Digital Trends, this role has become "so popular that Rockstar added an extra 10 ranks," giving players more opportunities to earn in-game rewards.

Ultimately, what "Red Dead Online" is missing are the "GTA"-sized updates. Some have noticed Rockstar's persistence in improving "GTA Online" at the expense of "Red Dead Online," creating a war between "Red Dead" and "GTA."

  • Release Date: November 27, 2018
  • Genre: Third-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 97

24. Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

The fifth mainline installment of "Street Fighter" is a divisive one. At launch, it's small roster, similar art style to "Street Fighter 4," and a mediocre online connection all combined to anger veteran players. Even so, there's a silver lining in how Capcom revived the underperforming game.

The majority of criticism towards "Street Fighter 5" at launch was leveled at its combat mechanics. Characters had limited move-sets, making rounds with opponents feel repetitive. Since then, Capcom has added parry systems and balance changes to heighten the fun of matches (per Digital Trends). Meanwhile, DLC characters like Gil, Akira, and Dan boast move-sets that embrace experimentation.

These fixes allowed "Street Fighter 5" to become a better game for solo and multiplayer fans. It still takes forever to get into a match, but the PS4 console exclusive is nevertheless an enjoyable fighter for competitive or casual play. 

  • Release Date: February 16, 2016
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Game Modes: Online and Local Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 87

23. A Way Out

Josef Fares is one of the most interesting figures in gaming today. Widely regarded as an individual who is working hard to keep co-op play alive, Fares' Hazelight Studios wowed fans with 2018's "A Way Out," which requires two players to work through its split-screen storyline.

GamesRadar applauded the design of the game, saying it's "built for two players sharing one narrative experience, one story, one goal." While one player is in a specific area, another might be performing a totally different task elsewhere, all working towards the goal of escaping from prison.

Both Leo and Vincent are spectacular protagonists and it's easy to get attached to their journey, especially since you are tackling it with a partner. And while Fares' "It Takes Two" arguably improves on this title's co-op elements, "A Way Out" still has that memorable and distinct story to tell.

  • Release Date: March 23, 2018
  • Genre: Third-person, action-adventure
  • Game Modes: Local and Online Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 78

22. Fortnite

What else can be said about "Fortnite?" The game that helped popularize the battle royale genre is still going strong today. Countless balance changes and consistent updates have helped "Fortnite" become more than a flash in the pan.

No matter if you go in alone with guns blazing alone or help your teammates build shelter in critical moments, "Fortnite" offers a fun gameplay loop every time. Much of its replayability is due to the dichotomy of shooting and building. To be truly successful, one must have skill in both areas.

Newer games have capitalized on the "Fortnite" model to create bigger and better shooters, but it's imperative to give "Fortnite" the credit it deserves. Few games can say they've impacted the gaming industry in quite the same way. There's a reason there are so many games like "Fortnite" now.

  • Release Date: July 21, 2017
  • Genre: Third-person shooter, battle royale
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 100)
  • Metacritic: 78

21. Rainbow Six Siege

If there's any game that prioritizes team co-operation, it's "Rainbow Six Siege." Success is typically much higher for players who match up with friends. Although early versions of the title were more limited in scope, "Rainbow Six Siege" has transformed into a mechanically rich first-person shooter well worth anyone's time.

The game's playable Operators are a diverse bunch, each with their loadouts and gadgets. Gameplay itself is thrilling, encouraging stealth as much as gunplay. The game's constrictive environments push players to refine their strategies.

It's not all great, though, as the developer's constant tweaks can also be a problem. Cheating, exploits, and frustrating battle pass requirements have arisen in the past as a result of various balance changes and additions. Luckily for players, the current version of the game has "ironed out" many of these issues (per GameSpot).

  • Release Date: December 1, 2015
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 10)
  • Metacritic: 73

20. Overwatch

"Overwatch," known for its objective-based scenarios, complex character designs, and vibrant art style, is probably the first team shooter that comes to mind for many players. Blizzard accomplished a lot with "Overwatch," making the wait for "Overwatch 2" even more unbearable.

Right off the bat, "Overwatch" has an airtight gameplay loop. Capturing objectives and escorting payloads are simple goals that feel consistently fun, because the game's characters and level design keep it from becoming a slog. That's not to say there aren't hindrances; balance issues have plagued the community, and some fans feel their feedback goes unheeded.

The cast for "Overwatch" is eclectic, to say the least. Reinhardt's impenetrable shield and close-quarters combat style is wildly different from Widowmaker's sniper rifle-dependent gameplay. Character choice is crucial in many cases, and trying out everyone is part of the experience — although there's always debate over whether it's better to play on console or PC.

  • Release Date: May 26, 2016
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 12)
  • Metacritic: 90

19. Rocket League

This is one of those games that's straight up addicting. You will most likely find yourself saying "one more match," only to realize that you said it three hours ago. "Rocket League" seemingly does the impossible by mixing soccer and cars. 

There are some barriers to entry, though. Even the most experienced gamers will have a bit of trouble with the controls, at least at first. PC Mag claims that "you need to learn and master when to lock onto the ball and when not to." Once you figure that out, the true game begins.

Players can either defend or go on the offensive in what is essentially a soccer game with vehicle controls. Boost management is key, so keeping an eye on your meter until you find an opening to score is quite rewarding. This leads to learning more advanced techniques, like aerial boosts. This is an over the top, team-based sports game where it always feels like you're really contributing.

  • Release Date: July 7, 2015
  • Genre: Sports
  • Game Modes: Local and Online Multiplayer (Up to 8)
  • Metacritic: 85

18. Tekken 7

Korean backdash. EWGF. Wall splats. This might sound like utter gibberish to you, but for "Tekken" players, it's terminology that ensures victory. It can be rough as a newcomer, but "Tekken 7" is an exceptional fighter and esports headliner that welcomes high level play.

Fighting games today are heavily criticized for online play. If a fighting game's online connection is poor, then the players suffer. Unfortunately, "Tekken 7" is in need of improvement when it comes netcode. Other franchises like "King of Fighters" and "Guilty Gear" have transitioned to rollback netcode, which provides the best connection possible (as noted by Game Informer and Dot Esports).

Aside from that, "Tekken 7" is a complex entry that is heavily geared toward those that have played previous iterations. Its lore-rich campaign and detailed training mode are a thrill for longstanding fans, while outlandish guest characters — ranging from Noctis from "Final Fantasy 15" to Negan from "The Walking Dead" — are perfect additions to bring in newbies.

  • Release Date: June 2, 2017
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Game Modes: Local and Online Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 82

17. Minecraft

"Minecraft" on PS4 is a rock solid version of the beloved title. Not much has changed from the previous ports, but that's okay. In general, this port is the "Minecraft" game you know and love, just adapted for newer consoles.

For the few who don't know, "Minecraft" is all about surviving randomly generated worlds and making the most of your situation. Constructing what comes to mind is the essence of the game — and the scope is as big as your imagination. On the multiplayer side of things, the PS4 game has cross-play, which allows friends on other platforms to join and explore your world.

In Survival mode, alterations have been made to the world sizes. IGN reports that individual worlds are "36 times larger" than those found in the PS3 game, which might be enough to entice players to double dip for this version (if they haven't already).

  • Release Date: September 3, 2014
  • Genre: Sandbox
  • Game Modes: Local and Online Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 89

16. Apex Legends

Being a spinoff game can either be a blessing or a curse. It's very rare that the spinoff becomes more popular than the former, but in the case of "Apex Legends," its free-to-play structure and addictive design eventually overshadowed "Titanfall."

Although "Apex Legends" is attached to "Titanfall" in terms of story, the two don't have all that much in common. For example as noted by PC Gamer, "every gun has ballistics, the titans are gone, and so is wall-running." In other words, "Apex Legends" branches off and does its own thing, adding an eclectic cast of characters with their own unique abilities and regular story and map updates to keep things exciting.

Another example of how "Apex Legends" improves on its predecessor is the addition of slide mobility. Mechs and wall-running are replaced with quick movement and cover mechanics. "Apex Legends" is shockingly good for a free-to-play battle royale and allows for cross-platform play.

  • Release Date: February 4, 2019
  • Genre: First-person shooter, Battle royale
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 89

15. Streets of Rage 4

Combo moves are always fun. There's no feeling quite like juggling enemies and not giving them any leeway to break free. Combos are abundant in the  "Streets of Rage 4," and adding more players extends them, so cooperating with others is the name of the game.

Special moves, weapons, and basic attacks can all be utilized to defeat thugs on the street with friends in this love letter to arcade beat 'em ups. The twist is that every character plays wildly differently from one another. Cherry launches opponents with her guitar and can do a knee slide to increase damage, which is a stark contrast to Axel and his fire-based attacks.

After completing the main story, there's still tons to do with the game's "Mr X Nightmare DLC," which has "injected new life" into the proceedings (per Easy Allies). New characters, new moves, and new modes heighten replay value, whether it be for one player or four.

  • Release Date: April 30, 2020
  • Genre: Beat 'em up
  • Game Modes: Local, Online Multiplayer (Up to 4)
  • Metacritic: 82

14. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Arc System Works, best known for anime-style fighters like "Guilty Gear" and "BlazBlue," pleased casual fans and hardcore fighting game players with its handling of the "Dragon Ball Z" universe in the form of "Dragon Ball FighterZ." The game offers players a lot of options from the get-go, including 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 tag team matches. Arcade, Story, and Online battles can be accessed through the chibi-styled overworld, where players can easily interact with others, making the "FighterZ" playerbase feel like a giant community. 

What's the real kicker is the sheer amount of post-launch content. Drastic balance changes and constant character releases have made Arc System Works' best-selling game (per Geek Reply) even better. Sure, some outlets like EventHubs have argued that the game has "too many Gokus" and have criticized the title's connectivity issues, but "Dragon Ball FighterZ" finds a way to always suck you back in.

  • Release Date: January 26, 2018
  • Genre: Fighting game
  • Game Modes: Local, Online Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 87

13. Call of Duty: Warzone

It seems like most series jump on whatever's popular, and many major franchises have introduced battle royale modes to varying degrees of success. "Call of Duty: Warzone" is a fairly typical free-to-play battle royale in many ways, but it succeeds in focusing on many of the bare essentials (sound-balancing problems aside).

The rinse-and-repeat practice of being dropped in and having to immediately scavenge for items is exciting and addicting, but what really sets "Warzone" apart from other battle royales is the Gulag. After dying, players are transported to a 1v1 death-match that gives them a second chance at a revival and victory.

Aside from the Gulag, the maps are diverse, the armor system is fair, and secondary items actually come in handy. "Warzone" doesn't do much to propel the genre further, but the small innovations are enough to keep playing.

  • Release Date: March 10, 2020
  • Genre: First-person shooter, Battle Royale
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 150)
  • Metacritic: 79

12. Titanfall 2

"Titanfall 2" was overlooked at the time of release. Other FPS heavy hitters came out around the same time, including "Battlefield One" and "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare," which severely hindered sales (per GameSpot). But the real shame is how a game as good as "Titanfall 2" continues to be overshadowed.

Compared to other FPS titles, "Titanfall" is distinct in its use of mechs and wall-running abilities. Both are implemented perfectly in both the campaign and online multiplayer. Going back and forth between frantically moving about on foot and safely manning an omnipotent titan keeps things engaging and encourages players to master all playing styles.

You would think that "Titanfall 2" would have trouble balancing these two parts of gameplay, but the solid design makes picking it up a breeze. As noted by Easy Allies, its maps encourage both types of play.

  • Release Date: October 28, 2016
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 16)
  • Metacritic: 89

11. Uncharted 4

Similar to "Red Dead Redemption 2," the main attraction of "Uncharted 4" is its single-player campaign. Even so, Naughty Dog crafted an excellent online component that expanded on some of the best elements in Nathan Drake's latest adventure. A healthy number of fun modes are just a few of the positives to this multiplayer experience.

Deathmatch, Plunder, and Command all function as standard shooter modes, which charge with taking out random opponents, capturing the flag, or killing off specific enemies. These traditional multiplayer challenges embrace the gameplay loop of "Uncharted 4," particularly in offering players specific places for using their grappling hook (per IGN), which keeps the game fresh.

Lastly are the technical capabilities of online multiplayer. It runs at a buttery smooth 60fps, which doubles the campaign's 30fps. There's a lot to love about "Uncharted 4," which is why fans still want to see a sequel.

  • Release Date: May 10, 2016
  • Genre: Third-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 10)
  • Metacritic: 93

10. Destiny 2

The "Destiny" franchise made a complete 180 after Bungie's serviceable (but underwhelming) first attempt at a new IP. "Destiny 2" has become an expansive world with a large concurrent player count and an enticing number of expansions. It's been four whole years since "Destiny 2" launched, and yet it feels like things are just getting started for the sequel.

Loot and rewards are the title's biggest hooks; participating in bounties and raids yield better equipment for your character. The majority of these events and raid bosses are meant to be conquered with others. Because of this, players are encouraged to join clans, where they can befriend others and go after challenges together. With massive updates like "Forsaken" and "Shadowkeep" keeping things interesting, outlets like Dexerto have argued that "Destiny 2" is "in the best place it's ever been."

  • Release Date: September 6, 2017
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 85

9. Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Jin Sakai's perilous journey for revenge was more than enough for PlayStation gamers, but Sucker Punch just had to go the extra mile and add a free multiplayer mode to the mix, with "Ghost of Tsushima: Legends." The only real problem with it is that it isn't longer.

Even so, there's a decent amount of variety with this multiplayer mode, which has become a fan favorite (per CBR). Some story missions can be completed with another player, which feel vastly different from the main adventure because of their focus on more fantasy and mythological parts of the game's lore. Meanwhile, the horde mode amps things up to four players battling for survival.

Horde mode is similar to regular single-player encounters, but having allies back you up opens the gameplay possibilities further. During combat, your teammates can use shortcuts and other tricks of the trade to win the day. It's amazing how much the "Tsushima" gameplay loop changes with the addition of co-op.

  • Release Date: October 16, 2020
  • Genre: Third-person, Action-adventure
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 4)
  • Metacritic: 83

8. Dark Souls 3

"Dark Souls 3" keeps things simple: You can overcome the unforgiving world of souls with another player or take them on in PvP battle. Many "Souls" enthusiasts go as far to fine-tune builds just for PvP, showing the popularity of the mode.

FromSoftware is known for great online multiplayer, but the set up to do so in "Souls" — a process known as Summoning — is a bit convoluted at first glance (per VG247). After jumping through some hoops, players can work together to challenge bosses and compare armor sets. A particular enemy or location might be too much for you to handle — this is a FromSoftware game — so a helping hand can make or break your enjoyment. "Dark Souls 3" has so much content in its base game alone, but with DLC like "Ashes of Ariandel" and "The Ringed City," players may be surprised how often they'll want to fight alongside their friends.

  • Release Date: April 12, 2016
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 89

7. Last of Us: Factions

Ever since "The Last of Us Part 2" came out, anticipation has been building for a new iteration of "Factions" (per GamesRadar). It's easy to see why, since "Factions" proved to be nearly as compelling as the main game. The multiplayer side of "The Last of Us" retains the campaign's emphasis on crafting and methodical, strategic combat. To succeed, it's a good idea to stick with others who can help gather resources.

What "Factions" nails is its ability to carry over the mechanics of "The Last of Us" and marry it with a co-operative setting. The UI, Listening Mode, and crafting abilities are ripped straight from the main game, but it's the little things — like frantically healing teammates while enemies close in — that make the experience. As noted by TheGamer, it's easy to get in the groove with "Factions," but you may find yourself developing a play-style that suits you best, like adopting a support-focused role.

  • Release Date: July 29, 2014
  • Genre: Third-person shooter
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 8)
  • Metacritic: 95

6. Guilty Gear Strive

"Guilty Gear Strive" is what happens when developers prioritize online connections for fighting games. The silky-smooth online rounds in this fighter keep players coming back for more. What's most important, though, is that "Guilty Gear Strive" is still fun to play even after a bad loss.

After learning and training your main, you'll be given the choice of who to fight. The ability to select individual regions to get as much experience and variety as possible is awesome. Besides the occasionally clunky and obtuse lobby system, the online multiplayer for "Strive" is perfect.

Adding onto the positives are the soundtrack, gorgeous anime aesthetic, and quirky character roster; nothing is bland or one-note. Arc System Works went above and beyond with "Guilty Gear Strive," earning it the award for Best Fighting Game at the 2021 Game Awards.

  • Release Date: June 8, 2021
  • Genre: Fighting game
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 87

5. Grand Theft Auto Online

If you always see "GTA 5" on the top of gaming charts, one of the big reasons is "GTA Online." Rockstar has produced one of the most prolific game services of all time, one so wide in scope that people have been playing continuously since 2013. In March 2022, "GTA 5" makes its way to the PS5, but it cannot be understated how great of a run the game has had on PS4.

Heists, story missions, and other custom modes all add up to make "GTA Online" a blast. Huge updates, including the "Diamond Casino and Resort" and "Los Santos Tuners" take things in different directions by adding new mechanics and characters, while updates like "The Contract" fulfill Rockstar's promises of continuing to build out the story of the base game — nine years after its initial launch!

  • Release Date: November 18, 2014 (PS4 version)
  • Genre: Third-person shooter, Sandbox
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 32)
  • Metacritic: 97

4. Monster Hunter World

As noted by The Verge, it wasn't until "Monster Hunter World" that the series reached worldwide attention. Capcom's niche action RPG has grown into a staple of the genre. "Monster Hunter World" stays true to the name, since you'll be tracking, luring, and battling monsters throughout. Rather than bring in tons of new weapons like in other sequels, "World" shifts its attention to the monsters themselves as the main draw. These beings have complex patterns and behaviors that make each one a tough challenge to overcome.

This is where the multiplayer mode comes in, which allows up to four players to hunt monsters together. As noted by Co-Optimus, "'Monster Hunter: World' does the best job in the series of onboarding players to the various mechanics and systems of the game," so joining up is a breeze. This explains the immense popularity of the title and subsequent release of the also-stellar "Iceborne" DLC.

  • Release Date: January 26, 2018
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 4)
  • Metacritic: 90

3. Bloodborne

Much of the praise directed at "Dark Souls 3" extends to FromSoftware's "Bloodborne." PvP and campaign duos are both spectacular ways to complete some of the most challenging objectives in gaming. "Bloodborne" also offers a horrific and fully-realized world to explore.

"Bloodborne" perfects the "Souls" formula in nearly every way. Artistically, it combines Lovecraftian designs and gothic inspirations. Shortcuts are unlocked gradually, tying areas together into a seamless interconnected space. Bosses are tough and will take you to the brink. Lastly, the enticing lore is scattered across the game. Finding out a character's backstory through items or small details can change the way you perceive the overall story.

And all of this can be experienced with another individual. The steps to get to co-op has that overly-complicated FromSoft process but it's worth it. Overcoming adversity is simply gratifying whether it's single-player or multiplayer. This is one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives. Period.

  • Release Date: March 24, 2015
  • Genre: Role-playing game
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 92

2. It Takes Two

Of course one of the top spots on this list is a game that can only be played through co-op. Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios took the framework of "A Way Out" and let their imaginations run wild. "It Takes Two" has so many ideas that it can make you dizzy. Every level is distinct and rarely is a design choice repeated.

The very best aspect of "It Takes Two" is how it handles its characters. Cody and May couldn't be more different from one another in personality and gameplay, which ties well into the themes in the game's story. As GamesRadar notes, "It Takes Two" is about "using the skills each of the game's sections gives to you" in order to complete fantastic challenges. For example, Cody's sap gun and May's igniter are entirely different tools, but are meant to be employed in tandem. This Game of the Year winner is masterfully crafted throughout and one of the best co-op games of all time.

  • Release Date: March 6, 2021
  • Genre: Platformer
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer (Up to 2)
  • Metacritic: 89

1. Final Fantasy 14

"Final Fantasy 14" gets the award for biggest turnaround in gaming. What was once an absolute disaster for Square Enix has turned into one of the best "Final Fantasy" titles and live service game on the market, with each expansion adding even more layers. 

New music, story, lore, and jobs contribute to widening the scope of the perfect game that "FF14" is striving to become. New modes like Extreme Trial fights reuse assets and grant players new equipment for defeating harder versions of previous bosses. This kind of mode is exemplary at showing off what MMOs are capable of. Like "Destiny 2" raids, these are intended for co-op teammates. Sweetening the deal, as pointed out by VentureBeat, is the fact that the game "makes it easy to find a group of players."

It's a big investment at this point, but the game offers trial periods and other means to jump into the action, so there really isn't much excuse not to dive in. The ultimate redemption story in gaming, "Final Fantasy 14" is only getting better by the day.

  • Release Date: September 30, 2010
  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Game Modes: Online Multiplayer
  • Metacritic: 89