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Pokimane Reveals Her Secret Twitter Group

Pokimane and her fans have had a rough beginning to 2022 thus far. Beginning with a temporary ban from Twitch in early January due to violations of the platform's DMCA policy, Pokimane was the subject of both a huge harassment campaign from fellow streamer JiDion, and the threat of a lawsuit from Jessica Blevins — the wife of and manager of popular streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins — due to alleged character defamation. While Poki and JiDion have since ended their feud and even sat down for lunch, the former's fanbase is still frequently targeted by those outside of its circle.

It's this kind of harassment that has led Pokimane to consider retiring from streaming entirely in the past — and these kinds of unpleasant interactions aren't limited to Twitch, either. It has often spilled over into social media, following Pokimane from platform to platform. During the aforementioned feud with JiDion, many of the latter's followers and fans used social media platforms like Twitter to voice this displeasure with Poki. Now, the 25-year-old Twitch icon has launched a system that she believes will shelter her fans from unwanted harassment and online beef in the future. 

Pokimane has started PokiTwt, a fan-only group on Twitter

In an effort to give her fans a place where they can hang out peacefully and be free from any outside interference, Pokimane announced that she had launched a private group on Twitter called PokiTwt. "So we made a little Twitter group and it's the best thing that's happened to me in 2022," Pokimane told her viewers during a recent Twitch stream on March 1."It's called PokiTwt, and it's just all these cute community members posting cute ****."

Pokimane went on to explain that PokiTwt was a means for her to continue cultivating her own base and community while shielding said community from outside drama. "I've always wanted a way to build like,  a community of people on Twitter that doesn't constantly get invaded by ***holes," Poki explained. "And I feel like this is finally the way how, because I don't want to private my [Twitter] account."

Since its launch, PokiTwt has now accumulated close to 10,000 members on Twitter. In order to access PokiTwt, users must agree to a set of rules to prevent any kind of toxicity from occurring within the group. Such rules include being respectful of others, being open and inclusive, and not posting NSFW content. It's a smart move from Pokimane and her massive following.