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Markiplier Clears The Air Over Hospital Photo

The internet has enjoyed Markiplier's content for years at this point, and other streamers have confirmed that his real life behavior is just as lovable as his videos. Still, even though Markiplier shares his humor and positivity with the world, he's faced his own share of tragedy, as well. The YouTuber recently surprised fans by posting a selfie from a hospital bed, captioning the image, "Well, this is inconvenient timing."

Beyond the humor of the situation, fans were truly worried, speculating about what might have landed the YouTuber in the hospital. Markiplier later tweeted that if fans watched his latest interactive video series, "Space with Markiplier," he'd share his hospital story. While Markiplier still hasn't explained exactly what landed him in the hospital, viewers have already begun piecing the puzzle together in an attempt to find their way to the truth.

For his part, Markiplier playfully toyed with the internet by issuing a poll on Twitter to ask viewers why they thought he was in the hospital. The options ranged from "LA Gangs Finally Got Me" to "Intestines Went Kaboom," with most fans assuming this meant he actually had an issue with his GI system. In truth, this isn't the first time fans have been through this whole scenario with Markiplier.

This isn't the first time Markiplier scared fans

Though Markiplier has been in the hospital several times, one of his most notable stays happened in 2015, when he had to have emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. In a YouTube video uploaded after the procedure, Markiplier shared that he'd had several surgeries in the past for similar intestinal issues before he started his YouTube career, and that the scar tissue from those surgeries continued to impact the way his intestines worked through obstructions. While surgery is never a laughing matter, Markiplier's comedic approach to most things — paired with the inherent potty humor involved, of course — helped fans see the lighter side of the situation. Though the surgery was stressful, and seeing Markiplier raspily speaking from his hospital bed alarmed fans, his next hospital visit was a little easier. 

In 2020, Markiplier was hospitalized for a bowel obstruction again. He updated his viewers from his hospital bed, telling them that he wouldn't have to have surgery, which was a relief for both him and his fans. Later, Markiplier updated his fans again, explaining that it was especially frightening because the ER was so busy with the stress and extra work during the early days of Covid-19. He also said that if he'd waited longer, he might have died. Markiplier went on to explain the harrowing process of getting an NG tube placed and thanked the hospital workers for helping him, even as they were under so much increased stress.

Markiplier's latest hospital visit also made its way to the Twitter trending page, much to his surprise and delight. 

Markiplier shares good news

After sharing his initial hospital selfie last week, Markiplier updated fans on his overall condition, saying, "Still at the hospital but doing alright. Doctors are waiting with baited [sic] breath for me to fart as a sign that I won't need surgery." Fans began speculating that Mark was in the hospital for yet another bowel obstruction, and that if he wasn't able to pass gas that could be a sign that something was seriously blocking his intestines, which would mean his health issues were pretty serious. 

Thankfully, Markiplier shared that he successfully given the doctors what they wanted on April 22. Needless to say, the internet breathed a sigh of relief over Markiplier's announcement, even if some of them got ahead of themselves by making "#hefarted" a trend before the YouTuber had confirmed the event.

On April 23, Markiplier confirmed that he was home from the hospital. While he hasn't gone into detail about his latest visit yet, fans are glad that their favorite content creator is safe and back home. Fans congratulated him on surviving his stay and asked about what happened. Some said they expected the YouTuber to make a vlog about the incident soon to provide more details about what exactly happened.

A few days prior to the hospital stay, Markiplier tweeted at CVS pharmacy, explaining that he had issues refililng a medication that he'd taken consistently for some time. He said that his prescription disappeared from the CVS system and that no one at the company could explain what happened. While it's unclear if the lack of medication led to Markiplier's hospital stay, it seems that he's had a difficult journey with his health recently.