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Pokemon Unite Leak Reveals A Whole New Game

"Pokémon Unite," Tencent's successful "Pokémon" MOBA, has seen its fair share of leaks since it was launched last year. Some of these have come true, while others haven't quite added up. One "leak" on Twitter in December 2021 accurately predicted the arrivals of Tsareena, Decidueye, and Dragonite as playable Pokémon. However, the other three Pokémon listed in the leak have not appeared in the game (so far at least), making it unclear if this leak truly stemmed from a reputable source or excellent deduction skills. 

Even so, a series of supposed datamining leaks have surfaced over several days offering apparent proof that the game is about to evolve in a big way. Twitter leakers have shared not only artwork of two new playable Pokémon (including their fancy new "Holowear" outfits), but pictures of their files and footage of them in action. Even more exciting, these leakers have also predicted a new mode of gameplay that will transform how players enjoy "Unite."

You can catch 'em all?

Among the leaks posted by user @ElChicoEevee on Twitter, Delphox and Espeon will reportedly join the game as fully playable Pokémon. @ElChicoEevee has shared images of the Pokémon in-field showing off their attack animations. Espeon appears to fling psychic orbs and wisps at its opponents while Delphox, unsurprisingly, attacks with ranged fire moves. The leaker has also posted snapshots of code detailing the stats of these Pokémon and their release dates: May 16 and June 9 for Espeon and Delphox, respectively.

Meanwhile, @sobbleunitedtm on Twitter gave details on a brand new gameplay mode set in Mer Stadium, which will apparently include 9 playable wild Pokémon that the player can catch and use. As noted by @ElChicoEevee, the CodeName under the game's map reads: "Catchmode," which seems to line up with a series of videos posted by @sobbleunitedtm showcasing several new controllable Pokémon in action. The footage shows off Electrode, Ludicolo, Avalugg, Articuno, Zapdos, and Regigigas as playable Pokémon. The two leakers have clarified that these new Pokémon do not represent full-fledged characters, having 2 regular moves and no Unite move. As posited by TheGamer, it's possible these catchable Pokémon will serve as minions; extra muscle for whoever defeats them first.

If these leaks prove true, and they look extremely convincing, the next few months will bring a lot of exciting developments for "Unite" players.