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BioWare May Have Leaked A Major Mass Effect 5 Detail

Grab your tinfoil hats, "Mass Effect" fans. BioWare may have made a big mistake and leaked a key detail about the newest, upcoming entry in the series. While the new "Mass Effect" is further away than we thought and the "Mass Effect" movie was canceled, it's a lot of fun for fans to make wish lists for the next product based on potential leaks, like this one noticed by YouTuber MrHulthen

In an update to the BioWare store, a poster for the yet-to-be-named "Mass Effect 5" was listed, along with some pretty interesting phrasing, insinuating the product could point to a specific character's ambiguous fate being much less so. Of course, it's all speculative at the moment since we don't have any official comments or answers from BioWare or EA, but be warned that this could potentially spoil some important info not only for the next game, but for the ending of "Mass Effect 3." 

Consider yourself reinstated, Commander

When it was originally posted, the description for the poster read as follows: "The show goes on. Shepherd's final quest may have ended the threat of the Reapers but at great cost including the Earth itself. While Shepherd and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans are left wondering what's next." So the famous Commander Shepherd, player character and savior of the galaxy, may not be as dead as fans once believed. In fact, that description makes it seem like Shepherd is ready for more galaxy-spanning adventures. 

Of course, this poster's description was quickly changed. The site now says, "The threat of the Reapers might have been ended, but at great cost including Earth itself. While the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans are left wondering what's next." Now, any mention of the series protagonist Shepherd has been completely removed. The entire thing could have been a simple mistake from whoever has the responsibility of adding product descriptions to the BioWare store. Perhaps they mistakenly believed Shepherd was involved, or perhaps they're privy to information that we aren't and accidentally said too much. 

Striking Shepherd's name away so quickly seems pretty suspicious. Naturally, fans are having a great time trying to figure out what's going on. Only time will tell, and with BioWare seemingly focusing on the next entry in the "Dragon Age" series at the moment, "Mass Effect" fans will have to wait a bit longer. Whether it was a typo or an accidental hint at the plot of the next "Mass Effect" game, fans are ready for the ride.