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Fans Sure Do Have A Lot To Say About That Resident Evil Official Teaser

With rumors that the next "Resident Evil" game could take years to make, Netflix is attempting to fill that gap with its latest video game adaptation. Netflix just released the teaser trailer for its first attempt at making a live-action "Resident Evil" series, showing off around a minute of the show and teasing what the story could be. Between the long-running movie series and the recent attempt at a faithful retelling of the game in "Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City" there have been a ton of "Resident Evil" adaptations. Considering the Metacritic score of some of these projects, it's safe to say that adapting the series is harder than it looks.

While the original cast image caused a conversation around the Netflix series, this teaser trailer has driven things to a new level. Many fans are split into different camps, unsure what the best approach would be. Some favor a faithful recreation, regardless of how campy the result is, others would prefer a looser adaptation. Here is what fans had to say about that "Resident Evil" Netflix teaser.

Some fans would prefer a closer adaptation of the Resident Evil games

The teaser reveals a few key details. First, the series starts in modern times, not 1998. Second, there appears to be a time jump to 2036, where the world has been completely overrun by something horrific. It remains unclear if the story will be told chronologically or via flashbacks, but some fans have taken immediate issue with the premise. Rudrachl on Reddit wrote, "they keep going for the end of the world zombie apocalypse trope, when in the games the zombie outbreaks are always contained to a specific location." Another user followed up by agreeing, stating that while the writing in "Resident Evil" isn't great, the fact that zombie outbreaks weren't the end of the world made it more interesting.

Other fans, like one YouTube commenter, states that the adaptation doesn't quite look right. The Netflix series has taken what some would consider an odd approach to the design of New Raccoon City, although this may be intentional if some of the events of the game did occur in this universe. Other fans don't think this teaser looks that bad, but it doesn't quite look like "Resident Evil."

Some fans think this is a zombie series with the Resident Evil name attached

One Reddit user was brave enough to voice a slightly different opinion. NotGarav wrote that "I'll be honest, it looks like an okay zombie flick. Their biggest mistake is calling it Resident Evil." It seems like Capcom properties get the most bizarre adaptations, with things like the "Monster Hunter" movie completely missing why people enjoy the games. Another Redditor echoed the same feeling, writing, "If this didn't have the words 'Resident Evil' on it my reaction would be 'oh neat a zombie show with Lance Reddick."

While some fans of "Resident Evil" are screaming that this series is going to be bad because it ignores the source material, others seem to think it will be fine, just not "Resident Evil." While video game movies have a tragic history, recent examples like "Sonic the Hedgehog" and "Mortal Kombat" have shown you can get close to the source material while still making a solid movie, which is what these fans want. Other gamers seem to think the teaser looks good, but don't have much faith in Netflix.

Some fans like the teaser, but worry Netflix will ruin Resident Evil

A few people seem to actually like the "Resident Evil" teaser trailer, with one Reddit user writing, "The aesthetics look pretty good, I'll give it that." While that seems like a low bar of a compliment, there aren't many people saying anything nice about the teaser. Others seem to think that Netflix has a track record of good teasers and bad series, with another commenter writing, "Cowboy Bebop had a great teaser too. Still expect this to be a trash fire." Some viewers thought that while the teaser looks promising, Netflix itself doesn't have a great adaptation track record.

Another user wrote, "I've been let down too many times to have high hopes but I must say the trailer looks better than anything I expected." Perhaps the bar for "Resident Evil" series and movies has been dropped so low that anything remotely decent will work for some people. While much of the conversation around the Netflix "Resident Evil" series isn't positive, this project is getting talked about much more than previous attempts. The series releases on Netflix July 14, so fans won't have to wait too much longer to see what type of adaptation this is going to be.