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We Finally Know When Modern Warfare 2 Is Being Released

Just last month, Infinity Ward confirmed fans' suspicions by teasing the impending announcement of the next "Call of Duty" release. At the time, the company sent the fanbase scrambling by tweeting the logo for the game and revealing that the next installment of the series would be a reboot of "Modern Warfare 2." Since then, gamers have been waiting for any updates from Activision or Infinity Ward (and debating what the sequel needs to get right in order to make everyone happy). And now, fans finally know when they can expect to revisit the story of Ghost, Soap, and many other of their favorite characters from the franchise.

In a clip shared to the official "Call of Duty" Twitter account, fans got a look at the official cover art for the game, which was unveiled on the deck of a large ship. The artwork puts the Operator known as Ghost front and center, but the most exciting part of the post was the caption over the video, which revealed that the game will be released October 28 of this year. Shortly after this clip was posted, Infinity Ward shared a few promotional images of Ghost and the rest of the team, giving fans an even better look at the artwork teased in the video.

Hype for the new "Call of Duty" is officially at fever pitch. As spotted by Charlie INTEL, a random bit of graffiti in the artwork reveal clip seems to be hinting at another announcement coming on June 8. Whether that will be a full trailer or more character teases is unclear. Until then, fans will simply have to make do with the impressive character posters. At the very least, it seems as though Activision Blizzard truly is intending to leave World War 2 behind for the forseeable future, particularly after blaming the period setting for the underperformance of "Call of Duty: Vanguard."