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These Overwhelming Elden Ring Bosses Got Nerfed And You Didn't Realize

FromSoftware's "Elden Ring" is regarded as an almost perfect game by critics and players alike. However, that's not saying the game is easy. "Elden Ring" has no shortage of challenging boss fights that can have even the calmest person contemplating throwing their controller across the room. But not every player struggles with the same bosses equally. For example, some may find the overly aggressive Malenia almost impossible, while parry masters may find the fight trivial. "Elden Ring" game director, Hidetaka Miyazaki's favorite boss, Starscourge Radahn, is relatively easy for ranged characters. At the same time, melee fighters often struggle to get in close for an attack without taking damage.

There are a few exceptions, though. Mainly, the boss fights where players get ganged up on by multiple enemies are a struggle for pretty much everyone. However, in Patch 1.4, these group bosses were toned down in difficulty. Players won't find these changes in the patch notes, and this isn't the first time FromSoftware has made adjustments to a boss without telling anyone. FromSoftware has had a habit of nerfing bosses that they feel are overpowered. Although, the one exception is Malenia, who got mistakenly buffed in a recent patch. Now, two new bosses — or, well, two sets of bosses — have been altered, making fans question what new strategies might work best to defeat them.

Twin bosses recieved a nerf

Shortly after FromSoftware released Patch 1.04, data miner King Bore took a look at the game's code and found some changes to the AI of group bosses that weren't listed in the patch notes. Specifically, twin bosses such as the Crystalians and the Crucible Knight duo had their aggression meters adjusted. Instead of both bosses being able to hit max aggression simultaneously and pummeling the player with a continuous stream of attacks, only one boss can now hit max aggression at a time. This means one boss will sit back and keep their distance while the other one goes in for attacks, as showcased in a YouTube video by illusory wall. This makes group boss fights much more forgiving. However, non-twin group bosses such as the Valiant Gargoyles and the Godskin duo were unaffected by the patch.

On top of nerfing twin bosses, a few other changes went unlisted in the Patch 1.04 notes. Notably, FromSoftware removed the confusingly high health illusory wall that had the internet going wild. Additionally, a glitch that allowed players to sneak into Mohg, Lord of Blood's boss chamber without aggroing him (showcased by Ogles on YouTube) was also removed. Since FromSoftware released patch 1.04 almost two weeks ago, players should stay on the lookout for the next patch, which could come sooner than later.