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Elden Ring Cutscene Change Sparks Player Debate

"Elden Ring" fans are used to FromSoftware making massive changes via patches, but the latest change has some fans scratching their heads. "Elden Ring" is a massive open-world game that received universal praise upon its launch, but that hasn't stopped FromSoftware from continuing to work on it. Some of the patches have extended NPC side quests, like Patches, while other patches have nerfed some of the more brutal boss fights in the game. The version 1.03 patch added so many different lines of dialogue and NPC side quest steps, it probably compelled some players to start a new runthrough. The patch 1.04 update brought change as well, although fans aren't sure why.

The confusing change in patch 1.04 is that Morgott's cutscene got changed. In the original version he says "Pillagers. Embolden by the flame of ambition," while he crushes his walking stick to reveal his blade. All of that still happens, but in the original version the blade grows orange in a fiery way, and in patch 1.04 there is no fire. It's unclear why this change was made and it undercuts the scene a bit, taking away from the grandeur of the pre-boss fight cutscene. Fans of "Elden Ring" aren't sure about the change to Morgott either.

Fans don't understand why the cutscene was changed

In a Reddit post discussing the changed cutscene, some fans complained about the change, while others theorized about the lore reasons for why it might have happened. One user jokingly wrote, "Oh come on, you can't have him say "flame of ambition" and then take away his flames." Another user said they understand if the cutscene was changed for lore reasons, but the original version was much cooler.

The person who posted the video hopped in the comments to state that the reason might be because the flames weren't supposed to be there in the first place. They said that Morgott, like his brother Mohg, fights with accursed blood. While he had hidden it away, his sword is made of accursed blood and he even uses an attack with it in his second phase. The theory is that FromSoftware wasn't sure of that detail when it originally made the cutscene, so fire was added for effect. Developers later removed it to make more sense for the character. Regardless of the exact reason why FromSoftware made this change, or any change, to "Elden Ring" fans are going to pour over every detail, theorizing along the way.