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Ereban: Shadow Legacy - What We Know So Far

It seems like there are more indie games popping up now than ever before. It's impossible to play them all, but it's still exciting when a new studio makes waves with its debut release. Baby Robot Games is a small developer based in Barcelona, Spain that was founded in 2018 by a group of seven students. The company's first title, "Ereban: Shadow Legacy," was announced during the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase and it looks like it's going to be one of those rare games made by just a handful of people that turns out to be amazing.

In "Ereban: Shadow Legacy," players take on the role of Ayana, the final member of a forgotten race with the mysterious ability to use magical shadow powers. The player will use these abilities along with some high-tech gadgetry to wage a one-person war against an authoritarian mega-corporation that utilizes robot enforcers. This seems like a fun premise rife with possibilities for stealth and violence. Many fans who saw the announcement may be eager to learn as much as they can about the upcoming title. Here's what we know so far.

Does Ereban: Shadow Legacy have a release date?

Players curious about "Ereban: Shadow Legacy" likely want to know when they will be able to play it. Unfortunately, no specific release date has been revealed as of yet. This isn't altogether surprising given that the game was only just announced, but it may be frustrating for those already eager to dive into the shadows and eradicate some mechs. That said, a news post on the "Ereban" website states that the title will be available some time in 2023. That seems like a pretty reasonable turnaround, so at least fans won't have to wait too long.

It also appears that the platforms "Ereban" will be available on have already been announced. The entry will launch on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Since Baby Robot Games has entered a partnership with Xbox, it seems unlikely that the offering will appear on any other consoles at this time. Individuals who wish to purchase "Ereban" on Steam can add it to their Wishlist now. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play it as part of their membership on day one.

Is there a trailer for Ereban: Shadow Legacy?

Anyone interested in learning more about "Ereban: Shadow Legacy" will definitely want to check out the announcement trailer that Baby Robot Games revealed at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. The trailer opens on a sweeping view of a city infused with mechanical arms and rails. The settlement seems to be covered in a thick layer of smog. Robots march through empty, sand strewn streets searching for something. Protagonist Ayana vanishes into shadows before attacking the robots from stealth. The trailer then shows off a number of her abilities, such as scanning for enemies and using shadows to climb vertical surfaces.

A voiceover covers most of the showcase: "Helios. They search for someone who does not exist. The shadow. The forgotten child. The scattered race. Lost, until now. Now, they have awakened the Ereban. Now they have awakened me. But I am not their hope. I am their reckoning. They will not drag me into their light, because their light is a lie." This seems to be the protagonist Ayana speaking and indicates that Helios, the mega-corporation that awakened her, will be the primary antagonists of the game.

What kind of gameplay will Ereban: Shadow Legacy have?

Baby Robot's post on the "Ereban" website states that creators have long been fans of stealth games like "Metal Gear," "Splinter Cell," and "Dishonored." They wanted to create something new in the genre that combines everything they love about it with a few of their own personal twists. There hasn't been a ton of gameplay footage outside the small amount that can be seen in the trailer for "Ereban: Shadow Legacy," but it's enough that fans can tell what kind of game it's supposed to be.

As Ayana, players will be able to navigate a dystopian city utilizing shadow magic. "This unique ability, the Shadow Merge, will allow you to dive into the shadows and move freely through them to climb walls, reach inaccessible places, attack from cover or advance unseen," explained the developers. "It opens a huge range of possibilities that, combined with Ayana's other shadow powers, her agility and her high-tech gadgets, will allow you to play exactly the way you want."

This ability looks pretty impressive, as there appear to be a variety of different ways players can use it to infiltrate guarded areas, take out enemies, and achieve their objectives. Baby Robot also promised that there will be several new lethal and non-lethal skills that can be unlocked throughout the game by absorbing something called Echoes.

What is the story about in Ereban: Shadow Legacy?

Baby Robot Games stated on the "Ereban: Shadow Legacy" website that the title will have a heavy focus on narrative. It appears the main focus will be investigating Helios and uncovering the corporation's secrets. This will lead players on an adventure that explores a universe described as dying and morally gray.

"In your search for the truth, you'll traverse ruins of lifeless cities, infiltrate sci-fi facilities carved into ancient temples and discover the remnants of your forgotten race," the developer explained. "And most importantly, you will have to choose to either cleverly avoid or mercilessly defeat anything at anyone that stands in your way."

It also seems that, much like in the "Dishonored" franchise, the story will change based on the methods the player chooses to achieve their goals. Actions in the entry will have consequences, and therefore cutting a bloody path through every enemy that gets in the player's way might not lead to the most positive outcome.

It's still early days for "Ereban: Shadow Legacy," but its future is looking bright so far. Hopefully, players will learn more as it gets closer to release.