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New Switch Model Crushes Fans' Hopes And Dreams

Nintendo fans hoping for an updated version of the Switch have been disappointed yet again. For years now, Switch users have been anticipating the release of a Switch Pro, a mid-console generation update to the Switch that will upgrade the graphics and fix issues with the original console. The cycle of speculation, anticipation, and disappointment has become a regular pattern at this point and we seem to be back in the disappointment phase yet again.

Back in early 2020, rumors that a new Switch was on the way began to circulate. By the end of the year, however, things weren't looking good for fans and no Switch Pro was announced. The cycle began again early the following year with new reports hinting at a Switch Pro on the horizon. Heading into the summer, fans were expecting the console to be announced ahead of E3. No announcement was made and, when Nintendo finally did unveil a new Switch later that summer, fans were underwhelmed, to say the least. Instead of a Switch Pro, Nintendo revealed the OLED model of the Switch. While the new model had an upgraded screen, there were no other meaningful changes or upgraded graphics for playing on the TV. The cycle began again this week with predictable results.

No Switch Pro

Yesterday, an observant fan posted on Famiboards that Nintendo had changed its Switch OLED trailer to private on YouTube. This move fueled speculation that Nintendo was removing old videos to focus attention on an upcoming announcement. Once again, fans were excited to finally be getting news of a Switch Pro. Well, Nintendo did make an announcement, but it wasn't what many fans were hoping for.

On June 6, Nintendo tweeted out a preview for a new "Splatoon 3" Edition of the OLED Switch. This edition of the Switch features a colorful "Splatoon"-themed paint job and is set to release on August 26 ahead of the "Splatoon 3" which will hit shelves on September 9.

Fans react to the new Switch model

While this new edition may be welcomed by "Splatoon" fans who have been waiting for a long time to get to play "Splatoon 3," many were disappointed that it's not a Switch Pro.

Replies to Nintendo's tweet were mixed but largely expressed disappointment. "RIP TWITCH PRO LMFAO" read one response. Another reply, which captured both the frustration of the moment and the hyperbole of the internet, said "my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined." Some fans did express excitement at the news and the tweet currently has 19 thousand likes but it's still a blow to those who have been waiting for years for a Switch Pro. Thus, the cycle begins again.

Maybe someday fans will get the upgraded Switch model they've been waiting for. In the meantime, at least "Splatoon 3" looks like a lot of fun, right?