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This Wordle Clone Just Closed A Big Spotify Deal

"Wordle," in case you somehow missed it, is web-based word game that's taken the internet by storm in the last year. The rules are simple: Each day, an undisclosed five-letter word is chosen, and players have up to six tries to guess it, with each correct letter placed providing a hint. Shortly after its release, "Wordle" exploded in popularity thanks to the game's detailed score page. Players loved plastering their scores onto social media to either brag about their streaks or showcase just how stumped they were with the daily word.

"Wordle" became so popular that the New York Times purchased the game from creator Josh Wardle for what has been rumored to be a seven-figure sum. And developers everywhere quickly took note. As a result, copycats and clones of "Wordle" started popping up everywhere.

One of the most popular games to borrow the "Wordle" formula has been "Heardle." In "Heardle," instead of guessing words, players need to guess song titles after listening to only one second of its intro. With each failed guess, one more second of the song gets revealed to listeners. And much like "Wordle," "Heardle" has just been purchased by one of the biggest companies in the entertainment space. Naturally, people are taking notice.

Heardle is now owned by Spotify

In a July 12 blog post, music streaming giant Spotify announced it acquired "Heardle." Spotify explained that although "Heardle" is a simple game, "[Spotify sees] 'Heardle' as more than a trivia game." As noted by Spotify's announcement, "Heardle" can also be an excellent entry point for players to discover new artists and music.

Most importantly to long-time players, Spotify assured players that "Heardle" would not see any major changes following the acquisition. The blog post explained that the look and gameplay of "Heardle" would remain untouched, but noted that it was making one minor change to the game. At the end of each game, players will now have an option to click a Spotify link for the song featured in the daily game, allowing players to listen to the full version.

Fans will also apparently see further implementation of "Heardle" in the Spotify app in the future, but details remain scarce regarding how this will work. Jeremy Erlich, Head of Spotify Music, explained that this acquisition is an attempt by Spotify to "deepen interactivity across the Spotify ecosystem." The blog post also noted that there are plans to expand the game to additional languages besides English in the future. 

In the meantime, "Heardle" will remain available on the official "Heardle" website for players to enjoy.