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Black Panther Game Rumors Have Fans Scrambling

Marvel fans have plenty to celebrate at the moment. The entire lineup of Phase 5 shows and movies has finally been unveiled, and it includes plenty of projects to get pumped about. Black Panther fans, in particular, should be very excited at the moment. The hero and leader of Wakanda finally came to the game "Marvel's Avengers" as a playable character in the "War for Wakanda" expansion last year. Further, despite the tragic death of star Chadwick Boseman, we'll soon be getting another Black Panther movie in the form of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." Now, brand new rumors have fans psyched and scrambling for more info on a possible "Black Panther" game.

Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb brought the potential project to fans' attention through his daily news show on Twitch. On July 25, Grubb claimed that a new "Black Panther" game is currently in development and that it will be the debut project of a new, currently unnamed studio. Codenamed project Ranier, the game is reported to be a single-player, open world game in which players will take on the role of a new Black Panther. While we don't yet know the name of the new studio, Grub did reveal some details about the games development.

Project Ranier a single-player, open world Black Panther game

The new title is apparently being published by EA and the new Seattle-based studio founded by Kevin Stephens, who previously served as the VP and studio head of Monolith Games. A veteran of Monolith Games would seem to be a good fit for an open-world, single-player game set in a fantastical world, as Monolith Games is best known for developing the beloved "Middle-earth" games. While Monolith Games has gone on to work in the DC universe with a new "Wonder Woman" game, Stephens will reportedly bring his experience to the world of Marvel and Wakanda.

These rumors have fans tweeting, sharing, and hunting for any news or updates on the new project. While this is a developing story and details are currently scarce, it should still be welcome news for both gamers and longtime fans of the iconic Marvel Comics character.