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Alone In The Dark Remake - What We Know So Far

Fans of the "Alone in the Dark" franchise have already had a rollercoaster of a time with the series' latest installment. What began as a few small hints toward a revival of the series quickly sprang into full on leaks for the "Alone in the Dark" remake, complete with product listings that primed fans for another spooky adventure with Edward Carnby.

THQ Nordic confirmed the veracity of these rumors during its Digital Showcase livestream on August 12, showing off some choice footage and giving fans their first taste of the series since 2015's "Alone in the Dark: Illumination." While that last entry left critics and gamers with a sour taste, the newest entry seems to be taking the series back to its gothic roots. If the new footage is anything to go by, fans can expect a truly great horror game.

Details are still a bit scarce regarding the latest entry in the influential horror franchise, but the developers have revealed some hints that are sure to excite fans. Here's everything we know so far about the "Alone in the Dark" remake.

Is there a trailer for Alone in the Dark?

THQ Nordic kicked off its big livestream with the announcement trailer for "Alone in the Dark," which was suitably creepy and offered fans a hint of what to expect from the story. It begins with an image of dolls hung by nooses in a bedroom while a little girl, with a heavy southern accent, sings "House of the Rising Sun." This alone, captures the "Southern Gothic" vibes that were previously hinted at in leaks about the game. After this, we get a glimpsed of the singing girl as she slips a similar rope around her own neck and smiles at the viewer. 

What follows is a brief glimpse of a few characters that will be appearing and some of the locations players will get to explore. The trailer is also full of unsettling sounds and images that should chill viewers and get horror fans ready for a terrifying experience, including brief looks at some of the horrifying monsters Edward Carnby will face in the new game. The trailer ends with a few shots of gameplay, highlighting some of the reimagining's combat and exploration.

What is the gameplay like in Alone in the Dark?

The trailer only offer quick snippets of gameplay, but there are enough hints to get an idea of what to expect. Shooting, melee combat, and exploration from a third-person perspective appear to be the core of the experience. This fits with earlier leaks on Twitter from Aesthetic Gamer, who claimed the developers have drawn inspiration from the "Resident Evil 2" remake. In addition, the announcers on the live stream offered a few more details about what to expect when the game releases. The game will feature "desperate combat and atmospheric puzzles"  as players explore Derceto Manor and struggle to uncover its mysteries and survive. 

Expect survival horror combat similar to the classic entries in the series, using a selection of pistols, shotguns, and melee weapons (like axes). We haven't been told anything about the puzzle-side of the experience just yet. However, the trailer does offer the briefest glimpse of what looks to be some sort of puzzle that involves matching up spinning disks, as well as a sequence in which the player must flip switches in the right combination. In other words, it's classic "Alone in the Dark."