Christian Smith

Photo of Christian Smith
New Jersey
Linden High School
Single-Player Games, Sports Games, First-Person Shooters
  • Christian began writing about video games in 2021 as a freelance contributor for Collider.
  • Since he started working as a freelance writer in 2017, Christian has written about topics ranging from sports to video games.
  • He has been a gamer his entire life.


Christian is a writer, sports fan, nerd, musician, and lifelong gamer. Beginning his writing career in 2017, Christian has served as a site manager for SBNation, a contributor for Collider, and a features editor for TheSportster. In between watching NYCFC and pro wrestling, it's likely that Christian is either beating Metal Gear Solid 3 for the 150th time, or raging at the newest edition of FIFA.


Christian graduated high school and avoided college like the plague.

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