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3 Best Dark Type Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet
The Dark type has many powerful Pokémon with less restricting dual-type combinations to offer, so Pokémon Zaaz has already covered are excluded here. Pokémon who are powerful because of how well they utilize their secondary type have also been excluded in the interest of helping players choose a good Dark type candidate for offensive type coverage.
Meowscarada is a fast attacker that takes fragile Ghost and Psychic types down within one or two turns, especially if players stack the High-friendship crit-rate boost with high-crit moves like Night Slash. Its signature move, Flower Trick, is a 70-power attack that has a 100% critical hit rate and no accuracy check, guaranteeing a 157.5 power hit.
Hydreigon doesn't have a stat that goes below 90 while still having an Attack and Sp. Atk stat that stands above most Pokémon — it's sturdy, hard-hitting, and pretty quick on its “feet.” Hydreigon also has an excellent Sp. Atk stat that takes advantage of the non-physical Dark-type moves to counter bulkier Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon.
Kingambit’s signature move, Kowtow Cleave, is an 85-power physical attack that bypasses accuracy checks, and it’s a staple move. Kingambit’s signature ability, Supreme Overlord, boosts the power of its moves by 10% for every fainted Pokémon in the player’s party for a maximum of 50%, making it an effective “revenge killer” backliner.