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30 Best Multiplayer PS4 Games Of All Time Ranked
30. Sackboy
“Sackboy: A Big Adventure” is a 3D platformer and “Little Big Planet” spin-off that prides itself on multiplayer gameplay. The game has a stunning and vibrant world with a visual style inspired by arts and crafts, along with levels that are big enough for up to four players to run around in; however, level design can be a bit uneven at times.
29. MLB The Show 21
“MLB The Show 21” has the strength of its predecessors, but also escalates competitive play through its popular Diamond Dynasty mode. Diamond Dynasty is all about players putting together their own team and pitting it against others, and it even features ranked modes and daily events that give players something to work towards.
28. Among Us
Finally making its way to the PlayStation 4 at the end of 2021 is “Among Us,” an excellent online game for family and friends. Being a console port of a PC game, the PS4 version of “Among Us,” includes full cross-play functionality and a low price point, but the controls do suffer a bit as “Among Us” is clearly designed for PC and mobile devices.
27. Gran Turismo
“Gran Turismo Sport” differentiates itself from other entries in the “Gran Turismo” series by focusing on its online multiplayer. The game features a beginner-friendly tutorial, timed challenges, and daily events that make it worthwhile to stay invested — but despite these great features, the game still lacks casual online modes.
26. Fall Guys
“Fall Guys” manages to capture the excitement of a free-for-all competition resembling a game show, as players will find themselves frantically switching between avoiding their competitors or working together to overcome bizarre obstacles. "Fall Guys" is very much its own thing, featuring elements that can’t really be found anywhere else.