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5 Hogwarts Legacy Side Missions You Do Not Want To Miss
Flight Test
While buying a broomstick at the Sporting Goods Store, Albie Weekes will inform the player that they can upgrade their broom if they conduct some tests for Albie, which triggers the “Flight Test” side mission. To complete the mission, players are launched into a Quidditch Broom Trial where their protagonist flies through Quidditch hoops to beat Imelda Reyes' time on the course.
The Man
After the player learns the lockpicking Alohomora at the end of the story quest “The Caretaker's Lunar Lament,” they can speak to Gladwin Moon in the Faculty Tower of Hogwarts to start “The Man Behind the Moons” side quest. This quest has the player collecting 30 hidden Demiguise statues scattered around the map that can only be collected at night.
The Study
Players must reach level 16 and complete “Welcome to Hogsmeade” to begin the “In the Shadow of the Study” quest to earn the torturous Crucio spell. Players then explore a creepy area below the school with Sebastian and must choose between casting Crucio on Sebastian or letting him cast it on the protagonist. If players cast Crucio on Sebastian, they keep the spell.
Shadow Of Time
During the “In the Shadow of Time” side quest, players enter the catacombs to find a mysterious relic and will need to kill spiders to get past a web blockade. Once players make it through a wall made of bones, Sebastian will ask the protagonist if they want to learn the Unforgivable spell Imperio. Accepting the spell will give players a powerful charm to add to their arsenal.
The Relic
Players travel into the catacombs to rescue Sebastian during the “In the Shadow of the Relic” quest and must fend off Inferiu. After trekking deeper, a cutscene plays, and players will have to go face-to-face with Solomon Sallow in a duel. Upon winning the boss battle, Sebastian will ask the player if they wish to learn the Avada Kedavra spell, which instantly kills enemies in one hit.