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6 Most And 6 Least Powerful Pokémon In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet
Least: Charcadet
Charcadet is a rare Pokémon, which may lead some players to think it is worth adding to their team, but Charcadet is lackluster with base stats that sit at the exceptionally low 255. Charcadet also suffers from being very slow and one-dimensional in battle with almost entirely fire-type moves; plus, it can be tricky to evolve.
Most: Garganacl
Garganacl may be a newcomer to the series, but it has already proven itself to be one of the best rock-type Pokémon in the game — even rivaling hard-hitters such as Tyranitar. With base stats of 500 and moves such as Salt Cure and Recover, Garganacl is a powerhouse tank that can withstand almost anything.
Least: Wiglett
Although it resembles Diglett from the Generation 1 titles, Wiglett isn't a variation of that creature but rather a distinct species of its own. Unfortunately, Wiglett is much worse than its progenitor, with its main drawback being a base HP of 10 and low defense stats that make it fold under any major hit.
Most: Baxcalibur
Considered a pseudo-Legendary Pokémon due to its high stats and strength, Baxcalibur has quickly established itself as one of the best new additions in "Pokémon Scarlet" and "Violet." Baxcalibur’s 600 base stats and defensive abilities coupled with powerful attacks such as Glaive Rush make it a sweeper that can clear entire teams by itself.
Least: Pawmi
Pawmi is a cute electric-type rodent Pokémon that is undeniably supposed to be one of the series’ many Pikachu clones. Unlike Pikachu, Pawmi has abysmal base stats at only 240, making it one of the weakest Pokémon in the entire game, and that’s even before factoring in the lackluster move pool that make this Pokémon have very little utility.