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Answering This FFIX Choice Incorrectly 60 Times Leads To A Funny Easter Egg
Most modern games hide Easter eggs behind hard-to-reach spots or in small bits of optional side-content. Easter eggs in older games were actually so obscure that they weren't discovered for years. Gaming classics from the ‘90s or 2000s had a habit of putting extra surprises in places most players wouldn’t even think of, and it seems “Final Fantasy 9” was no exception.
At the start of the game, if a player insists more than 60 times that his job as Zidane is to kidnap Queen Brahne instead of Princess Garnet, Ruby will burst into the meeting room to call him “more stubborn than a grumpy mule.” In fact, the extra scene plays precisely after 64 consecutive “wrong answers,” which was noted in the PrimaGames official guidebook.
Considering that the “Final Fantasy” developers had to switch from Nintendo 64 to PlayStation partially because of Nintendo stubbornly sticking to game cartridges instead of making CD-ROMs, the Easter egg could plausibly be a dig at Nintendo. However, it isn’t that much more plausible than 64 being an arbitrarily high number the developers used to scold players over.