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Apex Legends: Everything You Should Know About Rumored Solo Rumble Mode
Respawn Entertainment often shakes up “Apex Legends” with new game modes that change the core game, and rumors of a new Limited-Time Mode called Rumble are now circulating online.
Trusted data miners and leakers have allegedly found evidence that Rumble is a 60-player free-for-all mode being introduced in Season 17. Rumble has also been hinted at in-game.
Rumble apparently is devoid of squads, and it also supposedly removes every Legend's signature ability. In their place will be new abilities that alter the game’s mechanics.
According to an alleged leaked document posted to Reddit, there will be consumables that grant players special effects, which are powerful but come with some downsides.
Stim is a consumable that increases health regeneration and movement speed — but also increases the player's damage taken.
EMP is a consumable that damages the player and broadcasts their location, but it also disables the shields and electronics of other nearby Legends.
Another massive change for this mode is that players won't be able to pick a loadout and are instead given a random weapon and attachment at the beginning of the game.
Players can only swap their given equipment with that of the players they kill. Supposedly there are also going to be unique weapon modifiers in this mode, including the following.
Ricochet makes bullets bounce off surfaces but also makes their trajectory erratic, while Explosive makes bullets explode on impact but with reduced fire rate and more ammo usage.
Each match will feel different, as per the document, “the map, the ring, the loot, the anomalies, the wildlife, and the consumables are all randomized and shuffled each match.”