David Warner during The Times BFI London Film Festival 2003 - "Kiss of Life" at Odeon West End in London, Great Britain. (Photo by Nick Wall/WireImage)
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Baldur’s Gate Voice Actor David Warner Passes Away at 80
On July 24, 2022, Hollywood legend David Warner passed away at 80 years old. Known for his work as the gun wielding valet Spicer Lovejoy from “Titanic,” Warner brought a gravitas to any scene he was in, which were many as he’s credited on IMDB with 228 acting parts — but the gaming role he was probably best known for was Jon Irenicus in the "Baldur's Gate" franchise.
An elven mage from the forest city of Soldanessellar, Irenicus was the key antagonist of the "Baldur's Gate 2" expansion, “Shadows of Amn,” who kidnapped the player-character in order to enact cruel experiments in an attempt to restore his scarred soul, destroy the Tree of Life, and ascend to godhood. The character was so popular that a younger version appeared in “Siege of Dragonspear.”
One of the things that made Warner's performance so memorable was his delivery. All of Irenicus’s attributes — sadism, contemptuousness, rage — could only be expressed through voice as the isometric rpg offered only the most simplistic character models and no facial animations whatsoever. Still, Warner managed to perform the characteristics with such masterful menace.