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Bayonetta 3's Family-Friendly Mode is Raising Eyebrows
PlatinumGames finally revealed that “Bayonetta 3” will launch on October 28, 2022, and in a recent tweet, announced the inclusion of a Naive Angel Mode, a family-friendly option where Bayonetta is fully clothed versus the protagonist’s more revealing, regular look. Fans seemed divided on Naive Angel Mode, even though PlatinumGames underscored it’s just an option.
Many people appeared happy about the option, seeing it as a useful strategy for avoiding awkward conversations with parents or children who might walk in while they have “Bayonetta 3” running. The "all censorship is bad" crowd reacted quickly, and someone else joked about how the game itself isn't appropriate for families regardless of the amount of implied nudity.
Considering “Bayonetta 3” is an M-rated video game, it does seem a little odd for PlatinumGames to include this option. Publisher Nintendo may have asked for the mode, since it presents itself as a family-friendly company, or the developer could have decided to offer it due to the handheld aspect of the Switch, letting players tone down the title out in public.