Blizzard Responds to $100K Diablo Immortal Issue
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While "Diablo Immortal" is technically free-to-play, many players have quickly grown disillusioned with the pay-to-win growth mechanics that require them to either pump money into the game or slowly suffer grinding it out. One YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, jtisallbusiness, posted a video claiming to have spent $100,000 to completely max out his character.
This backfired terribly, however, as it made his character too powerful to participate in the game's PvP mode, Battlegrounds, since there were no other characters at a high enough level for him to get a match. He claimed that it was particularly frustrating because there was no one to talk to about his problem, especially considering how much money he spent on the game.
Jtisallbusiness reached out to Blizzard, but it would take the company a few weeks to respond. In a follow up video, he explained that the representative he spoke with said that the company approved a fix for the game, which would be implemented in the next few days. It's still unclear exactly how Blizzard plans to fix this issue, since nobody can match the streamer’s power-level.