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Breath of the Wild 2 Actor Drops Major Plot Reveal
Gamers are eagerly awaiting the sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” poring over the few all-too-brief trailers that Nintendo has released about the follow-up. Now, in an interview with LegaHyrule, a voice actor attached to one of the game’s dubs has revealed some major plot points about the highly anticipated sequel.
Italian voiceover artist Pietro Ubaldi, who can be heard as Daruk in “Breath of the Wild,” let slip that he actually plays two related characters in the new game. Not only will he be reprising his role as Daruk, which likely comes as a bit of a surprise for anyone who has completed "Breath of the Wild" or is familiar with its story, but he will also voice Daruk’s ancestor.
Though he could not remember the character's name off-hand, Ubaldi explained that this character is much more no-nonsense than the Daruk fans know and love. He also confirmed that all recording for the project had been completed, which is exciting news for fans who are still bummed by Nintendo's recent announcement concerning a delay to the game's release.
But even more exciting is the fact that this new reveal may have significantly widened the scope of "Breath of the Wild 2." Fans have taken this interview with Ubaldi as the ultimate confirmation that time shenanigans of some kind are a main focus of the sequel, but of course they won’t know anything for sure until Nintendo confirms it — or another voice actor spills the beans.