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Brutal Legend Ended Up Being A Massive Flop For EA - Here's Why
Despite having the perfect combination of elements for an amazing game and receiving generally positive reviews, “Brütal Legend” sold poorly, divided audiences, and nearly bankrupted its developer Double Fine. Admittedly, the game had a precarious journey that led to its stunning underperformance, but ultimately, it has found a loyal following.
A Rockin' Start
When the game was announced, fans were excited that it was coming from Tim Schafer, who helped create the “Monkey Island” series. The game also starred Jack Black and included the voices of Lemmy of Motörhead, Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and Ozzy Osbourne. However, things went south fast for Double Fine.
Publisher Turmoil
Double Fine did a deal with Vivendi to publish the game, but Vivendi merged with Activision, which was seemingly less than impressed by the game. When EA picked up “Brütal Legend,” a legal battle ensued between Double Fine and Activision, and the court drama impacted the game's development.
Marketing Missteps
In an effort to attract an audience beyond metalheads, not all of the commercials and previews captured the epic, metal tone the game was going for, which kept the game from making a strong impression. Promotions also downplayed or ignored the game’s RTS elements, which was the core of the experience.
Weak Gameplay
While some found the RTS battles enjoyable, many others argued that they were the low point of the experience and detracted from the enjoyment of the story, which fans felt was worthy of becoming a movie or TV show. These drawbacks drove poor sales and the cancellation of a sequel.
Cult Status
While some still count the game as a disappointment, it has achieved a cult following among many who argue it’s an underrated hidden gem and deserving of a sequel. Schafer has expressed a desire to return to the series, so it's possible fans may still see the end of Eddie Rigg's adventure someday.