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Brutal Ways Games Let You Know You Messed Up
System Shock
Toward the end of “System Shock,” you, an unnamed hacker fighting against a hostile AI called SHODAN, find yourself in a room with a button marked “Laser Control,” which will destroy Earth’s major cities. If you press it, you're treated to a message thanking you for making the cyborg's job of destroying Earth so easy before getting a game over.
BioShock 2
In 2010's “BioShock 2,” you’re presented with morally gray choices, as you have to save or harvest Little Sisters and decide if you will kill or spare three neutral NPCs. If you kill too many NPCs, Eleanor Lamb will ruthlessly kill the young child when she is rescued by the Little Sister you inhabit, saying that she’s following the example you set for her.
The Witcher
In “The Witcher 3,” you are given a variety of dialogue prompts to choose from while conversing with The Unseen Elder, a character who has an aggressive edge from living in solitude. If you deviate more than once from a topic The Unseen Elder isn't keen on discussing, he will automatically use his sharp claw-like nails to kill you as soon as you ask the wrong question.
Titles like “Limbo” have earned their unique place in the gaming community by punishing even minor mistakes with brutal and graphic death animations. These death scenes are often so shocking that players aren't quite sure what they did wrong — and while the scenes may be jarring, the effect is lasting.
Slime Rancher
The most brutal thing in “Slime Rancher” comes in the form of a snarky achievement you probably don't want to earn. If players manage to get themselves knocked out before the clock reaches 10 a.m., they'll not only lose their inventory and be returned to the ranch, but they'll earn the eternal shame of the achievement "Not My Morning."