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Call Of Duty Clones That Are Actually Great
Duty Calls
“Duty Calls” is a silly comedy game that takes up to 20 minutes to complete and tears down the stripped-down shooter formula that “Call of Duty” is known for. The game parodies the “War Never Changes” intro from “Fallout 3” and the “Modern Warfare” tutorial, where enemies shout “I AM AN ENEMY” after jumping out of hiding.
Spec Ops: The Line
“Spec Ops: The Line” scrutinizes “Call of Duty” by asking its players to consider its depictions of violence as something more than just pixels and polygons on a screen. The game shows players the disconnect between real-life violence and video game violence throughout its emotionally grueling campaign.
Killing Floor 2
“Killing Floor 2” is a total upgrade to the “Call of Duty” zombie game modes in all facets, as it's much faster paced and much more complicated than any of the “Call of Duty” zombie iterations — plus, it has much more enemy and weapon variety. Its complexity and fast pace, however, can scare some players.
Battlefield 3
“Battlefield 3” follows on the coattails of the original, ridiculously popular “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” games by changing up the series' setting and bringing players to the modern day. In this massive-scale battle game, players engage in an immersive, full-scale battle with vehicles, squads, and abundant strategic variety.
Apex Legends
“Apex Legends” compensates for a lack of a sci-fi setting in “Call of Duty,” which gives the design team a lot more leeway with abilities and mechanics, resulting in a Legend-and-ability-oriented Battle Royale that puts movement and satisfying gunplay first. It can take some getting used to, but it’s one of the best Battle Royale games.