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Call Of Duty Warzone's New Event Isn't Getting the Reaction They Hoped For
Recently, Activision announced "Operation Monarch," a limited-time “Call of Duty: Warzone” event based upon the "Godzilla vs. Kong" film and its contained fictional universe. "Operation Monarch" will run from May 11 through May 25 with feature film-related content and appearances from Godzilla and King Kong themselves.
In response to the launch trailer for "Operation Monarch," some called for Activision and Raven Software to focus resources on "fixing" the game as opposed to hosting huge limited-time events. Others were frustrated with "Call of Duty" in general because they perceived the games as moving further away from their realistic roots.
"Not hyped at all," one user on Twitter said, adding, "I miss the realistic campaign from [Modern Warfare]. I won't even play this event.” Meanwhile on Reddit, some players were critical of both Godzilla and King Kong's actual involvement when it comes to gameplay, with one saying, "The two of them randomly attack somewhere, different place for each [...] It’s not [captivating].”