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Can You Get All The Starters In Pokémon Scarlet And Violet?
As reported by Dexerto, none of the starter Pokémon in "Scarlet and Violet" will show up in the wild, and players also can't obtain them from other characters in the game. Trainers can only get one starter during a regular playthrough via the traditional method; however, they can be obtained if players cooperate with some other trainers out in the real world.
Like past entries in the series, players can trade starters in "Pokémon Scarlet and Violet," getting the other two starters from friends either in-person or online. One method for doing this involves someone initiating a new game, picking a starter, playing through to the first Pokémon Center, trading it with a friend, and then starting over and completing the process again.
Players can also breed starters, which means a trainer can pick a starter and, as long as it's female or they have a Ditto to breed it with, they can drop it off at a Daycare Center and wait for an egg. Using this method, everyone has the potential to produce plenty of extra starting Pokémon to trade with friends with no need for restarts.