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Canceled GTA Content We'll Never Get to See
Wanted Level
In “Grand Theft Auto,” your Wanted Level, signified by a series of stars at the top corner of your screen, will steadily rise as you commit crimes — and so does the police presence in hot pursuit to take you down. “GTA 5” goes to five stars, prompting military force, but players digging into the game's code believe there was a sixth star that was removed.
Single Player DLC
The planned single player DLC for “GTA 5” was canceled. Rockstar focused on “GTA Online” instead, as Imran Sarwar, Rockstar's director of design, explained, "The single-player game was absolutely massive [...] but to come close to realizing that potential also sucked up a lot of resources."
Gang Wars
According to Kotaku, an early build of “GTA Online'' featured a system where players would pick different factions to be a part of: "The Police, The Vagos, Bikers, Grove Street Families, among others ... once players picked a faction, they would be able to help their gang complete missions and take over enemy territory." This violent form of capture the flag could’ve been fun.
Apartment 3C
Apartment 3C in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” where players can find a chainsaw and two bags of cocaine next to a bathtub covered in blood, was originally a safehouse given to players by the character Sonny Forelli following a violent mission. The mission was removed after the beta version of the game and now is an eerie Easter egg.
"Harrier" was a mission cut from “GTA 5,” which would have seen the protagonist Michael De Santa stealing a Harrier jet from a military convoy. Film producer and all-around creep Solomon Richards would have hired Michael and possibly his crew to carry out this mission that sounds like it could have been really fun.