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Creepiest Things Found In the Destiny Games
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for those who haven't played the most recent campaign at the time of this writing, “Destiny 2: Forsaken.”
The Abyss
The Abyss in Crota’s End is a poorly lit puzzle that tasks your team with traversing a pitch-black pit and fending off hordes of the Hive with only a few lanterns to guide the way. The darkness is so overwhelming that it literally weighs you down, letting the enemies catch up and overwhelm you, making this encounter feel more like a horror experience than a first-person shooter.
Meeting the Taken
“Destiny's Taken King” expansion begins with your Guardian investigating a Cabal base on Phobos, where the sight of Cabal fleeing in terror lets you know something is very wrong. After traversing hallways filled with strange black goo, you find the Taken — a faction made entirely of other enemy races who'd been robbed of their will and now served Oryx, the Hive king.
The Dreadnaught
Oryx killed a powerful being known as a Worm God, took its power, and built his ship, the Dreadnaught, out of its body. Step inside Oryx's massive ship and you'll find plenty to be scared of — Hive and Taken enemies, small worms feeding in caves, relics of a race that existed far before humanity came into existence, and of course, Oryx himself.
Touch of Malice
Once you take down Oryx in the King's Fall raid, a quest kicks off for a mysterious weapon that sends you all around the Dreadnaught, and in the end, you are rewarded with the Touch of Malice — a weapon constructed using Oryx's own soul. You may have conquered a king, but every time you kill using the Touch of Malice, Oryx lives on — just as he intended.
Perfection Complex
In the Wrath of the Machine raid, you enter the Perfection Complex that serves as the home of the SIVA Fallen leader, Aksis. The journey takes you through confusing machinery until you reach a long walkway with a door at the end and red beams of light that shoot out in multiple directions — an ominous sign that lets you know you’re entering into the boss room.