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Deltarune Chapter 3: When Will We Get the Sequel?
“Deltarune” creator Toby Fox has promised that the next three installments of the game will be released simultaneously, leading some fans to wonder if the wait for “Deltarune” Chapters 3 through 5 will be even longer than the wait for “Chapter 2.” Fortunately, with the help of Fox’s Twitter and an interview with Nintendo Japan, an idea of how fast the game is coming along can be pieced together.
In Fox’s interview, he talked about how injuring his wrist forced him to leave most of the “Chapter 2” programming to his teammates, while he focused on directing. Despite a few miscommunications, his team's hard work enabled them to complete "Chapter 2" much faster.
In May of 2022, Fox posted an update on Twitter about acquiring more hands for an unnamed project — likely "Deltarune." "By the way, the game development is going well," Fox added, "[...] I have good feelings about it," Fox's new hires and updates on development should bode well for "Chapters 3, 4, and 5" to release in a more timely fashion — likely within the next three years.