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Disturbing Stories Behind the Monsters in Silent Hill
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for the "Silent Hill" series, as well as possible trauma-related triggers.
Abstract Daddy
Abstract Daddy's appearance and surroundings are a manifestation of the alcoholic father who repeatedly raped Angela Orosco (and who she then killed in a fit of rage). The room that protagonist James is lured into, covered with relentlessly thrusting pistons, evokes a feeling of futility because Angela cannot escape her abuser or the memory of his murder.
Bubble Head Nurse
The Bubble Head Nurses evoke memories of the time James spent watching his wife Mary waste away in the hospital due to an unnamed terminal illness. Their buxom figures, revealing clothing, and a penchant to die with their legs spread apart also hint at the sexual frustrations he experienced due to the lack of intimacy with Mary.
Lying Figure
The Lying Figure, which staggers around in painful-looking platform heels screeching as it charges forward, embodies confinement, physical distortion, and internal suffering. Its design mirrors Mary during her time in the hospital, whose physical deterioration left her feeling trapped in an inescapable state of pain and decay.
Pyramid Head
Pyramid Heads act as executioners, punishing humans for their sins, and in “Silent Hill 2,” Pyramid Head personifies James' guilt over suffocating his wife. Pyramid Head is both punisher and truth-bringer, helping James along his journey more than once and then impaling himself on his own spear once James accepts that he murdered his wife.
Twin Victim
Twin Victim is the embodiment of Billy and Miriam Locane, twin children murdered by “Silent Hill 4” antagonist Walter Sullivan as part of his quest to fulfill the 21 Sacraments of The Order. The conjoined nature of the monster, representing the failure of two entities to split, may indicate Walter's attachment to his mom, which is a very twisted relationship.