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Dr Disrespect’s Studio Just Added Serious Halo Talent
It looks like Dr Disrespect's Midnight Society game development studio is picking up some serious steam, thanks in part to snagging some talented developers to join the crew. Dr Disrespect first revealed his game studio back in December, announcing his plans to work on a battle royale game currently titled "Project Moon."
As announced on the Midnight Society Twitter account, the studio has hired Alex Fennell as its Technical Director of Infrastructure. Fennell has previously worked on "Halo Infinite," "Elder Scrolls," and "The Sims."
Fennell isn't the only veteran developer that Midnight Society has scooped up recently. Back in April, Midnight Society announced that it hired Jim Gray, who previously worked on "Call of Duty" and one of the many "Star Wars" games, as the gameplay engineering director.
Very little is known about "Project Moon,” but according to the studio's website, its current project is listed as a community-focused PvP game and is being developed on Unreal Engine 5. Those fans willing to sign up early were able to buy a Founder's Pack and play it early, although Founder's Packs are currently sold out.