Sebastian Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy
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Dumb Things We Ignore About Hogwarts Legacy
Sorting Hat
In “Hogwarts Legacy,” the Sorting Hat gives a brief personality quiz to determine the right house for the player, but the player is allowed to pick their own house anyway. This puts the player in charge of their own destiny, appropriate for an RPG, but it also flies in the face of the series' canon in order to do so.
Killing Spell
Few spells seem tailor-made for the evil wizards to carry out than the lethal Unforgivable Curses. One would think that the villains in “Hogwarts Legacy” would be using a one-hit-kill spell constantly if they're as ruthless as the player is repeatedly told. Instead, most of the dark wizards in the game tend to go for less deadly options during combat.
Classes Optional
Hogwarts doesn't seem to enforce any kind of class schedule or syllabus, and players can treat many of the game's classes like a side quest to be completed when there's nothing else to do. Harry Potter and his pals often cut class to infiltrate the Chamber of Secrets, but they still got chewed out by their professors for doing so.
No Consequences
When the player lets loose with an Avada Kedavra, no one calls the nearest Auror to take the player away. It helps that the game won't allow the player to kill professors or fellow students. Instead, if an Unforgivable Curse is performed in their vicinity, the professors display annoyance at their student learning the darkest magic.
child labor
The player character is regularly asked by the adults at Hogwarts to investigate one deadly mission after another. Some of the side quests paint a picture of Hogwarts in the 1800s as somehow being even more dangerous than modern day. The orders from Hogwarts' staff are almost laughably irresponsible.