COLOGNE, GERMANY - AUGUST 12: EA photographed on August 12, 2021 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)
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EA Patents A Controller That Challenges The Player Holding It
There are many controllers available to gamers, including the slim DualSense controller, the bulky Xbox Wireless controller, and the Xbox Elite Wireless and DualSense Edge that comes with extra features. News broke of new controller technology patented by EA that is unprecedented and, if effective, the technology could change how gamers use their controllers.
EA received a US patent for an "automated controller configuration recommendation system," and this technology could optimize a user's controller settings via machine-learning techniques. Gamers can get overwhelmed with changing settings manually, and to remedy this, EA's new technology can automatically determine and reconfigure itself to fit the player’s skill level.
The controller will determine settings "based on the controller input," and it will create "a user profile for the user comprising at least a skill level and an input tendency of the user." In addition to providing players with a specially tailored user profile, the technology would also provide users with suggested adjustments to controller settings to further improve performance.