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Easter Eggs Only Hardcore Fans Noticed In High On Life
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "High On Life."
A Ballad
To find and hear a secret ballad about how much the singer loves queso and toast, players need to approach a particular phone booth in Blim City and interact with a large green button on the side of it. Players will then hear a phone ring before a recording of the song begins — the longer the song goes on, the funnier it becomes.
Tammy And The T-Rex
When players return to their home in Blim City, they can watch on TV a cult horror-comedy movie from 1994 entitled “Tammy and the T-Rex” in its entirety. The movie itself is a strange one, following a character named Tammy, played by Denise Richards, who dates a mechanical T-Rex with the mind of her murdered boyfriend.
Calling Out Critics
When players approach a small doorway that is covered by a stack of boxes in Port Terrine, Kenny will comment on this blockage being a “lazy level design.” Kenny then calls out specific media outlets that would review the game, including Kotaku and Polygon, asking if things like this will ultimately ding the game's review scores.
Platforming Faves
When the player has to complete a training exercise on a platforming section over flooring that is intermittently electrified, Kenny comments that the platforming reminds him of some of his favorite games. He mentions “Lucky's Tale,” which actually isn’t played in first-person like “High On Life,” and also references 1989's “Super Mario Land.”
One For The Patient
For players who can wait an entire hour as a test of patience during training as a new undercover recruit, a screen will turn on to play a short video mocking them for sitting in the room for so long. “Hope you felt like that was worth your time,” the recruiter will sarcastically bark; after the clip, a door is opened and the player is free to go.