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Elden Ring Is No Longer The Best-Reviewed Game Of 2022
"Elden Ring" is widely loved by critics and fans alike for a ton of reasons, including the outstanding world-building and the sense of player autonomy, so it’s no wonder the game boasts a 96 Metacritic score. However, a new game has dethroned the Soulsborne title with a slightly higher score, and it’s a port of a hyper-successful PlayStation 4 game.
The PC port of “Persona 5 Royal” outranks “Elden Ring,” with a 97 Metacritic score, thanks to perfect marks from sites like God is a Geek, The Mako Reactor, and GameRant. The first two of those publications point towards the game's portability with the Steam Deck as part of the reason why the game deserved a perfect score.
Critics are also fascinated to see the story of the Phantom Thieves again or for the first time, and the PC port of the game seems like the best place to enjoy it with its great frame rates and lack of bugs that existed in the original version of the game. "Persona 5 Royal" will be released on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch on October 21, 2022.