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Elden Ring's Let Me Solo Her Has Invaded Another Game
The legend of Let Me Solo Her began when a player wearing nothing but a jar on his head offered to solo the toughest boss in “Elden Ring” for other players ... over 1000 times. After reaching his goal and the status of folk hero, the player renounced his title for a time — but now a new fighter has emerged to mimic Let Me Solo Her’s appearance and carry on the legend.
A “Dark Souls 3” player, appearing in-game as Let Me Solo Him and wearing nothing but an onion helm and two katanas, takes aim at the fearsome Nameless King. While it remains to be seen if Let Me Solo Him can hold a candle to their mentor, the player did make a Reddit post to detail the start of their adventure and to interact with members of the community.
The post is titled "Inspired by a post I've seen here, I decided to do it myself" and includes a screenshot of Let Me Solo Him awaiting a summon into another player's game. Although some onlookers expressed doubt, many commenters were immediately receptive, rejoicing that at least one player was committing to take up the iconic mantle in other FromSoftware titles.