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Electric-Type Weaknesses In Pokemon (And The Best Ways To Counter)
One of the keys to success in the Pokémon games is mastering its rock-paper-scissors mechanics, with Grass types beating Water, Water beating Fire, and Fire beating Grass. Players must grasp the battle dynamics of all Pokémon types if they want to become a true Pokémon master, and learning the weaknesses and counters of Electric types should be an early priority.
Electric-type Pokémon are among the harder ones to counter in the games, as they resist attacks from Flying, Steel, and their fellow Electric types and take normal damage from the rest with one exception. Ground-type Pokémon are, by far, the best counters to Electric types as they will do double damage and, in addition, completely resist Electric-type attacks.
Grass, Electric, and Dragon types, while not doing extra damage, do resist Electric-type attacks, making them decent counters as well, especially if, like Toedscool and Toedscruel, they know some Ground attacks. Trainers should focus on making sure they have a good Ground-type Pokémon and, failing that, a few other types that deal some Ground-based damage.