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Snake Beater
Arguably, the cheekiest joke in the otherwise heavy sci-fi/military storyline of “Metal Gear Solid 2 HD” is when you earn the “Snake Beater” achievement. To unlock this accomplishment, stare at a poster of a scantily-clad woman found hanging in a locker for about ten seconds or so, then call Otacon to receive both the award and his revulsion.
Welcome To 2047
Buttons changed the landscape of gaming, and if you enjoy pressing them for their own sake, then you’re ready to earn the "Welcome to 2047" achievement from “Command and Conquer 3.” Simply press the A button 2,047 times to match the year that the game is set in — a feat that will take you, according to True Achievements, about fifteen minutes.
Long Road Ahead
Many songs in “Guitar Hero” are super-challenging, which is why the game has an easy mode that makes it nearly impossible to fail a song. However, if you do flunk out in this mode, you’ll receive not only virtual crowd booing and jeering, but also the “Long Road Ahead” trophy, signifying that you never should’ve picked up a guitar.
Adult Content
Despite its serious, brain-eating-zombie nature, “Dead Rising 2: Off The Record” offers a healthy dose of raunchy humor for its achievement. To win the “Adult Content” trophy, enter a store called the Uranus Zone, go to the bar, take a close-up picture of all four curiously-shaped objects called “alien probes,” and remember it could be worse — there could be an achievement for using them.
20 Straight Losses
You might think a game in the “Dead or Alive” series would have an embarrassing achievement based on its overtly animated bouncing ladies, but you’d be wrong. To capture its booby-prize trophy, you must go online, fight 20 matches, and lose every last one of them — an impressive anti-feat that shows you’re an absolutely awful player.