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Even Halo’s Co-Creator is Confused By the TV Show
Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief on “Halo,” has dealt with hate from fans who don't like the direction of the show. The adaptation has wasted no time making uncharacteristic choices for its protagonist, who has already had sex and removed his helmet.
Some fans have wondered how “Halo” co-creator Marcus Lehto feels about it, and he shared his opinion on Twitter. "Yeah, I'm not sure where the inspiration for the show comes from now. Not the 'Halo' I made," Lehto said.
Since there is a certain level of toxicity surrounding the "Halo" TV show online, many people interpreted Lehto's comment as proof that he reviled it too. Lehto expanded on his viewpoint in another tweet, writing, "For clarity, I never said I didn't like it. It's just so different than the 'Halo' I helped make – like it's a different universe."
Lehto further emphasized that his issue with the show is that it deviates so drastically from his creation, but, in fact, Lehto even complimented the project for an aspect he felt it handled well. "I actually like some of the battle scenes. Cool action and some great VFX. In particular, the plasma hit effects in ep1 are spot on.”