JAPAN - NOVEMBER 23:  The Japanese company Nintendo first released their portable gaming system in 1989 and the 'GameBoy' went on to become the most influential computer games console in the world. The original model was grey and box-shaped, with a small black and white screen. It contained an 8-bit processor and was released with simple but popular games like 'Tetris'. Later it became available in pocket variety in an assortment of colours, including this transparent version. In 2001 Nintendo released the 'GameBoy Advance', which features a large colour screen with a 32-bit processor, putting it on a par with the Sony Playstation.  (Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)
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Every Game Boy Advance Game On Nintendo Switch (And One We Really Miss)
Super Mario
One of the most exciting titles is “Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3,” a remake of the 1988 classic “Super Mario Bros 3,” which not only packs in all the fun of the original game and updated graphics, but also features additional goodies. Some of the notable exclusives include giving players access to new levels and the Cape Feather from “Super Mario World.”
Wario lands on the Switch in “WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgames!” The first title in the “WarioWare” series, “Mega Microgames!” takes players through a myriad of addictive minigames, each of which are weirder than the last and typically take four seconds max to complete. There are over 200 microgames in total, varying in skill level and strangeness.
Kuru Kuru
In the less well-known “Kuru Kuru Kururin,” players control a helicopter-like figure that slowly spins as they race through obstacle-filled levels. In this surprisingly complex and challenging game, players go through courses in which they lose time for hitting the sides or obstacles in the way and must stay on their toes to avoid crashing into the colorful surroundings.
Mario Kart
Players get to race in “Mario Kart: Super Circuit,” but its graphical style is closer to the original “Mario Kart” for the SNES than “Mario Kart 64,” as the handheld system didn't have the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 64. Fans of this landmark GameBoy Advance racer will have a field day with its online multiplayer, which is available through Nintendo Switch Online.
Mario & Luigi
“Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga” follows the brothers as they traverse the Beanbean Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach's voice. This RPG is complete with XP and leveling, equipment, abilities, and a unique approach to turn-based combat. It’s also a very pretty game with a highly saturated color palette and smooth pixel art that still makes everything stand out.