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Every Game That's Died In 2023 So Far
Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment announced that “Apex Legends Mobile” was coming down on May 1, 2023, due to concerns about the quality and quantity of content being pushed out for the game. A live service game lasting less than a year is a major blow, especially for those who spent money in the game since they won’t be refunded for the content they're losing access to.
Babylon's Fall
“Babylon's Fall” aimed to give gamers a cooperative action RPG with endlessly engaging combat, but unfortunately had lackluster gameplay, terrible graphics, and an overpriced battle pass that all added up to a colossal failure. In September 2022, seven months after the game’s launch, the production team announced “Babylon's Fall” would shut down in February 2023.
Battlefield Mobile
In an attempt to secure new players by porting a game to mobile devices, EA started developing “Battlefield Mobile,” and the game's open beta began in November 2022. It nearly found its way to Android devices, but EA had a change of heart about focusing on mobile titles, saying in a short blog post that its decision was motivated by its current view of the industry.
Geared toward online play, “Crimesight” is a classic whodunnit, where players attempt to solve a crime that's yet to be committed. Unfortunately, Konami announced on Steam that support for the game would be ending on May 1, 2023, but didn’t list any specific reasons for shutting it down — maybe that’s the last mystery the game has to offer.
“CrossfireX” looked to be a fairly typical military-themed shooter with a single-player campaign and a free-to-play multiplayer mode, but the Xbox exclusive earned negative reviews because of its poor map design, frequent bugs, and nearly broken shooting mechanics. The developers said that the game's servers would shutter on May 18, 2023, barely a year after they went live.